Paralyzed Man Recovers, Dances With Wife for First Time

After debilitating accident, Janne Kouri fights to overcome spinal injury.
5:55 | 12/25/12

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Transcript for Paralyzed Man Recovers, Dances With Wife for First Time
And there is a story she brought us this year that we loved. And robin was very, very proud of it. It's about a young couple who needed a miracle. They had the heart and tenacity to make that miracle happen. There's a laugh and cry alert. You're going to see a story that will stay with you for a very long time. It's a perfect story for a holiday like this. Reporter: At 6'4", 285 poronnie curry was a force of nature. As a star defensive tackle for georgetown university. After college, he met the love of his life. And they moved out west. AUGUST 5th, 2006 HAPPENED. He spent the afternoon playing beach volleyball with some friends. Between games, he ran down the ocean to cool off. He dove into the waves, hit a sandbar and was instantly paralyzed from the neck-down. You're in the water. You can't move. Waves are crashing over you. What's going through your mind at that point? There was a moment when I was thinking, that could be my last breath. Reporter: Fortunately, an f-duty emt pulled him ashore. And they rushed him to the hospital. A doctor delivered the devastating news to his girlfriend, susan. She looked my in the eye and said, you need to be prepared for him never to walk again and walked away. I'll never forget that. Reporter: With his spinal cord fractured, he spent two months in intensive care, developed pneumonia and nearly died twice. He came to me and said, you don't need to do this. You don't need to be here. I promised him that, as long as his heart and his mind stayed the same, that I would love him. Reporter: That love would change everything. As his health returned, the reality was grim. Then, a ray of hope. You're told about a place in louisville, kentucky, that could be of help. We came to learn about dr. Harper. She was the one who told us there is hope for recovery. The spinal cord is very sophisticated. Reporter: She developed motor training. Christopher reeve was among her first test subjects. The first day I got there, they put me on the treadmill. I passed out in seven seconds. I was able to stay up for 15 minutes. And then, an hour. Two or three months after that, I started wiggling one of my toes, which was an incredible moment. I thought, I hav a chance here. Reporter: Then, a big idea. With the help of family, friends and the christopher and dana reeve foundation, they opened next step fitness in los angeles. For not only yanni, where anyone in the community could get local motor training. A year and a half after the accident, they turned tragedy into a future together. Their wedding song, "better together," so appropriate. Most relationships don't make it through this situation. She sacrificed a lot. I'm blessed. She's an incredible woman, a wonderful wife. I wouldn't be here without her. Reporter: You are traveling this journey together, aren't you? Yep. It's a difficult one. But it's a wonderful one, too. It's okay. Real men can cry. Yeah. Reporter: And three years after doctors told them yanni had no hope of recovery, this incredible moment. Yanni's first steps with a walker. And today, five years after his accident, we get a firsthand look at another amazing milestone. He is attempting to stand for the first time, on his own, without a walker. Standing. He's standing. Reporter: What's the sensation like for you? I forget how tall I was. Reporter: My heart is pounding. People have likened you and your wife to christopher and dana reeve. What do you think about that? They're an incredible couple. An incredible family. He's an inspiration. Somebody I look up to. He didn't quit until the day he died. And I'm going to take that same mentality to my fight, as well. Reporter: But the best was yet to come. He wanted to try it again. This time, he had surprise. I have a little surprise I'd like to give my wife a hug here. Have our wedding dance. Oh. Reporter: Their wedding song, and the wedding dance they could never share until now. two people, a shared determination. And one beautiful story, better together. Ferocious fight and recovery. And the power that we see there. So appropriate not just to see that couple have that dance. But to have robin bring us that story. I know. That just gets you. A christmas miracle. What a wonderful story. It's a morni for

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{"id":18060789,"title":"Paralyzed Man Recovers, Dances With Wife for First Time","duration":"5:55","description":"After debilitating accident, Janne Kouri fights to overcome spinal injury.","url":"/GMA/video/paralyzed-man-recovers-dances-wife-time-18060789","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}