How Parenting Roles Can Lead to Resentment in Your Marriage

Ill feelings can result when one parent bares most of the responsibility for raising a child.
2:47 | 11/13/14

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Transcript for How Parenting Roles Can Lead to Resentment in Your Marriage
And today's "Morning stir," the default parent. The one that kids go to with their good news and problems. Can stir up resentment between the spouses. We have more on that. Reporter: It's what some families like the Johnsons from "Blackish" call the every day jam. I forgot to tell you last week, we need two dozen cupcakes tomorrow. Reporter: Responsibilities falling on both parents. We have huge jobs. But coming home from saving lives, I start another huge job. When you come home, you play video games. Reporter: They call it the default parent in the latest blog. One of my daughters walked by my husband, and came to me in the shower, can you put my necklace on? I don't think thing he can put on a necklace. I asked mommy when I had tennis. You can assume she knows, but not always him. Reporter: And while they share some responsibilities -- We're sharing the domestic chores. But I'm doing the other stuff that no one is talking about. Reporter: He's what she calls the backup parent. There's things I'm clueless on. Reporter: And the kids praise backup dad. When we fly with the kids, he's like, great job. What a husband. Really? He sat with his kid and gave him the snacks I packed and the games that I packed. And he's a big hero. It's good to be a backup parent. He's a good backup parent. The best there is. Oftentimes the default parent has a lot of annoyance and animosity towards the backup parent. They're heralded as a great parent. Here you are toiling every day, and no one ever really says thank you. Reporter: Sometimes thankless, but still a treasured job. They know where you're supposed to be, where things are. They know what needs to happen. That's absolutely necessary. Reporter: I know that feeling exactly. She admits in the end she wouldn't have it any other way. Recently her husband took over one task and she felt left out and clueless. In fairness to the hands on, involved dads, like the one in my home, we know you're invested in the kids, but sometimes we need to vent. You did a lot of work in that. It's true. Sounds so familiar. Ali's the default parent. I do what I can. She doesn't want it, in a way. Exactly. You're not doing it right. It's -- according to us, anyway. It's one of those things. She writes humorously about it. Why do the kids just know the word, "Mom"? Why not dad sometimes?

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Ill feelings can result when one parent bares most of the responsibility for raising a child.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26885149","title":"How Parenting Roles Can Lead to Resentment in Your Marriage","url":"/GMA/video/parenting-roles-lead-resentment-marriage-26885149"}