Should Parents Be Allowed to Bring Their Newborns to Work Every Day?

A new workplace policy, in effect for two Washington state agencies, offers the perk to new parents.
5:23 | 08/11/15

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Transcript for Should Parents Be Allowed to Bring Their Newborns to Work Every Day?
Time now for the heat index and this morning's hot button, bringing your baby to work, two government agencies in wash state now are offering the perk for parents and their infants first six months. What does it mean for the office and mom and dad? ABC's Cecilia Vega hat that story. Reporter: Bring your child to work day has a whole new mean, not just in Hollywood, in life as we know it. Some government offices in Washington state are now all allowing parents to bring their babies to work. The perfect candidate, 6 weeks up to 6 months old. It was exciting. Knowing that I wasn't having to bring her daughter to day care. Reporter: First-time mom brings 4-month-old lid Ya in three times a week. It has innocent world to me. Reporter: State officials say both parents and babies win. Saying research proves that allowing a parent and infant to remain together in the earliest stage of life supports critical bonding, healthy brain development and parental well-being. So father, co-workers say baby Lydia is the perfect option. Baby having a bad day and fussy, baby gets sick, mom takes baby home. Reporter: The only catch here, when babies start to crawl, they need not apply. For "Good morning America," Cecilia Vega, ABC news, los Angeles. Joining us now gma work place contributor, Tory Johnson. How realistic is this idea. When you have a willing work place. We have the worst bad parental leave policy in the world, if this is something that can happen parents ease back into work is a good thing. Initially, when I heard about this, this is a prescription for crazy chaos, we're going to turn the office into a nursy. I decided to put my skepticism on hold. I called several companies yesterday afternoon that already have policies like this in place. Those stereotype call fears are actually unfounded and there's one company I talked to, it's a company in New Hampshire and they have been doing this for six years, they have had 15 babies through this program and they told me a couple of things that are really big benefits that we see across the board with companies. So, one, is parents return quicker, that's good for everyone. We're constantly juggling everybody else's workload. The atmosphere is calmer. Babies make people happy. Even if you're not the baby holder. I will say, parents, I used to bring duff when he was very young, it makes you want to stay later. That increases loyalty and decreases turnover because the parents who have this benefit are so appreciative, they work harder, they're so appreciative not just to the employer but to all of their co-workers for putting up with this. The boss -- For this to work, you need buy-in from the boss. This is not a mommy issue. This is really about making a business case. It's about making a business case because the work place sees overall benefits from it. It's also about creating a baby zone. Screens for privacy, a door that can close. Then the last thing that I would say, you really is to set clear rules. Everybody said, clear rules really work. If you're the boss and you want to implement, what rules do you set? Start talking about it in the office and you propose a pilot program. It's a lot easier than implementing a permanent perk before you tried in the office. I hear it helps morale overall not only for the mom and dad but overall morale workplace. We're going to raise ginger's baby together. Bring that baby in here. You know what, family-friendly is good for everyone. It is. That's what we have to remember. It's not about kacaudling ginger. We asked viewers at home, should parents be allowed to wring their newborns to work every day? 77% said no. 23% said yes. Once you talked to people and dive in, it's a lot easier to accept. I keep thinking of ginger with the baby at the weather wall. She's behind the weather wall. Ginger, we're here for you. Thank you. Also burning up the heat

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"A new workplace policy, in effect for two Washington state agencies, offers the perk to new parents. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33008542","title":"Should Parents Be Allowed to Bring Their Newborns to Work Every Day?","url":"/GMA/video/parents-allowed-bring-newborns-work-day-33008542"}