Partial Ceiling Collapse at Minnesota Nightclub

The club was seen in the 1984 movie "Purple Rain."
1:10 | 08/13/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Partial Ceiling Collapse at Minnesota Nightclub
Yeah I'm a dead man was on their third son. And I feel you know we're against the sounds board backs and I feel the gains shaken let it affect one on and I looked over. And you know the dust kind of clears and you see this huge pile. Ceiling debris. On the floor and I think that's not a sound iciness creek in house I'm like okay this is bad. Where Anjana concert as the ball for her songs and do it and I thought that somebody had had tripped behind SN and spilled their drink sir worship champagne or something like that. I'll send some in the ceiling came down and and ham myself then and I think that my wife below bed and and the ball for guys and myself helped lift this big pieces sealant. Opt we don't know if anyone was Don Aaron not and it took four Airbus still left them and we're all pretty big guy isn't one girl where help and outside there. Was knocked unconscious in serious hit on the left side of her forehead. And not air taken her off to the hospital and I don't know what was wrong with the other one. But she was totally buried underneath there and and we got her out of there and got her away from the ceiling.

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{"duration":"1:10","description":"The club was seen in the 1984 movie \"Purple Rain.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33055350","title":"Partial Ceiling Collapse at Minnesota Nightclub","url":"/GMA/video/partial-ceiling-collapse-minnesota-nightclub-33055350"}