Passion to Profit: Young Foodie Moguls Share Stories of Success

The CEOs behind food startups D's Naturals and Banza reveal how they turned their dreams into reality.
7:05 | 04/25/16

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Transcript for Passion to Profit: Young Foodie Moguls Share Stories of Success
Thank you, George and Lara. It's time for passion to profit. Two entrepreneurs are seeing sweet success and sharing how they turned healthy eating into big business. They're joining us live in a moment but first here's look at their stories. ♪ It's a food revolution. Young intrentrepreneurs are bringing a twist to some of our food favorites. This isn't your typical wheat pasta, it's pasta made from chickpeas. You heard me right. They're both nutritious and delicious and ultimately they make a pasta that looks like pasta. Reporter: After starting from his scratch, he launched banza with his brother Scott as a co-founder. We would pretty much just jump out into the aisle and say, have you tried chickpea pasta? Reporter: After demos like this one, gur ril la marketing is essential to their growth. Thank you very much. Reporter: What was once a labor of love, he's now planning to build a chickpea empire. We have some stores who the number one selling pasta overall. Reporter: Like, Brian, this 19-year-old is also rethinking some of our popular food staples. With his no-cal bars and fluff butter. It wasn't until the end of the meeting after we decided to bring in the brand that we heard that he was 18 years old. First six months of the company it was just me and it grew so quickly. Reporter: While living on a air mattress out of his rented office space, he gave himself a I was a skeptic but now I'm a believer. Pasta is one of my favorite foods and chickpeas are incredibly healthy and they taste really good. I can eat one of my favorite foods again, you end up with double the protein, nearly half the net cashes. So, okay, Tory, first of all, lean and mean, that's what you like. I think you need to prove your this? That's what's critical for anyone to focus on -- how am I going to make money from this passion? What are the steps to get there to making money so that this can be a profit nl business. And it's Ra growing business. You have five new varieties coming to the market. We have five new varieties of our fluff butter. It's not taste-free. It's not taste-flee, that's the most important part. You guys have had success, but you have had those rough times as well, tell me what you learned from those mistakes that you made. Absolutely, I made so many mistakes starting out. It's unbelievable. The biggest thing is, how do you keep up with production when you have a high demand product? One thing we had problems with is literally doing that. We haven't spent a dime on marketing. Our production isn't supporting demand. Didn't you put something on the label about peanuts. I don't like to talk about that one. Forgetting the allergy warning and throw out a bunch of products. But you learn. Venture for America, how did they help you? It's program that's geared through creating jobs through entrepreneurship. I was fortunate to go through the program and it provided with mentor ship. Someone checked in me every month and helped me as I began my business. If you can find a mentor who will push you towards the next step it makes a huge difference. Okay, we asked people to send in their questions, that was one from Jo Ann, what is the best way to ask someone to become a mentor? Look for formal programs like you did. But if you don't pursue a formal program think of it first in terms of marriage, you wouldn't ask a stranger right off the bat, will you marry me? You get to know somebody before you pop the question. The same is true with mentoring. Surround yourself with people who are really good with business. Ask them questions. Tweet people questions. You can call people and e-mail. It doesn't have to be a formal environment. And once you get to someone and they're comfortable and they can help you, which any mentor wants to do, then you can say, will you be my mentor? I want to get one more in, what's the key to using social media most effectively to promote your business? Engage regularly that's critical. Small business owners say I'm on Facebook doesn't work. So you have to have a regular strategy. Every day you're working at it just like you guys are doing. So happy for you guys. THA you very much. Everybody's ready to dig in. Come on, robin, let us eat. I had the pasta, not only your passion, it's really good. Really appreciate that. Tory will be taking your questions throughout the morning. Tweet her at toryjohnson. Out to rob.

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{"duration":"7:05","description":"The CEOs behind food startups D's Naturals and Banza reveal how they turned their dreams into reality.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38642557","title":"Passion to Profit: Young Foodie Moguls Share Stories of Success ","url":"/GMA/video/passion-profit-young-foodie-moguls-share-stories-success-38642557"}