Patti LaBelle's Favorite Recipes

The Grammy award-winner shares her favorite turkey burger recipe using new line of signature sauces, "Patti's Good Life."
3:27 | 07/21/14

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Transcript for Patti LaBelle's Favorite Recipes
We love her music, we love everything about her, she's the author of three delicious cook books, did, you know, that? And now has sauces and marinades called Patti's good life. You are going to prepare something, but tell us about the good life. It's my product, hot sauces, marinades and barbecue sauces. They're all at Walmart. And they're great. And I have a lot of stuff going on, girl. I'm going to make you a Turkey burger. Nice and healthy. Yes. Nice and healthy. Just put these in. Okay. Oh, that. All right. Shoot, girl. And don't let it pop. Then I'll add my -- this is Patti Labelle's hot flash. Patti Labelle's what? It's called hot flash. I love that. Go in here, forget about it. Turn the stove off. Okay. I got it. We're going to go with -- it's like a thanks giving thing, so you can put cranberries in your meat. Okay. Oh, god. And this is stuffing. Oh, oh. Stuffing. I never thought about that. Makes sense. Egg whites. Egg white. And this is what we just sauteed. I'm not going to use my hands, because I'm not. We're going to share with everybody. And this is pepper, and this is sea salt. Where did you come up with the idea about different sauces? Because I'm diabetic, and I have to have something that's healthy, and help a lot of people with their diets. You're a proud spokeswoman with the American diabetic association. Yes. And along with the sauces, natural sweetener, guy Vay. Yes, agave. And you mix this here, these are the patties. Okay. These are the patties. Patties. Patti's patties. All right. Okay. It's freestyle. Just put it on there. Put them on. We're going to eat good today. I'm going to do three. Okay. So then you do this, right? And you flip them -- ten minutes on each side. Ten minutes on each side. These are done. Can I take a bite? Yes. Tell everybody about the jazz album you are working on? It is done. It will be out the end of this year. What's -- Is it good? Okay. And then eat the grilled vegetables and macaroni and cheese. The jazz music -- just continuing. Jazz music out this year. And on tour in August. On tour in August. And I have the dates. Is it good? This is delicious. You can do it all. Patti Labelle. Thank you. You are a living legend and a dear friend. Thank you for sharing this with

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{"id":24645184,"title":"Patti LaBelle's Favorite Recipes","duration":"3:27","description":"The Grammy award-winner shares her favorite turkey burger recipe using new line of signature sauces, \"Patti's Good Life.\"","url":"/GMA/video/patti-labelles-favorite-recipes-24645184","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}