Missing Woman Found After Brother Refuses to End Search

Paula Lane's brother refused to give up searching after she went missing in snowstorm.
1:57 | 12/07/12

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Transcript for Missing Woman Found After Brother Refuses to End Search
A woman stranded in the california mountains, after a sudden snowstorm, for almost a week. Professional rescuers couldn't find her. But her brother refused to give up and found her just in time. Abc's david wright has the details. Reporter: She was missing for nearly a week. This morning, 46-year-old paula lane is lucky to be alive. We're very happy that she made it. It's been hard waiting all those days, trying to know if she made it or not. Reporter: Lane was driving home with her boyfriend, roderick clifton, when their jeep got stuck in the snow in the sierra nevada mountains, on a road to remote, there's no cell phone service. Clifton went searching for help. Leaving lane to fend for herself. Tomatoes and snow, her only sust a week. At times, the weather was so bad, they were unable to send in planes and helicopters. Paula lane's older sister had all but given up hope and even prepared paula lane's 12-year-old twin sons for the worst. We sat them down to tell them that their mother may not come back. Reporter: But she says their brother kept looking, on the route that paula would have taken ho. To hear him say, I found her, I found her. She was hiding out in a hollow tree, when she realized afft the truck, that she couldn't make it. She had a blanket, with the tomatoes. Reporter: Doctors say lane has a mild case of frostbite but is doing surprisingly well. She is recovering nicely. 25% medical and 35% will be emotional. Gave her the biggest kiss i could without hurting her. Reporter: The ordeal made worse by the fact that her boyfriend didn't make it. Shortly after she was found alive, authorities found clifton's body. For "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los

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{"id":17902379,"title":"Missing Woman Found After Brother Refuses to End Search","duration":"1:57","description":"Paula Lane's brother refused to give up searching after she went missing in snowstorm.","url":"/GMA/video/paula-lane-missing-woman-found-brother-refuses-end-17902379","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}