3 People Will Be Buried Alive in Fear-Conquering Experiment

They have volunteered to do it live on national television on Halloween.
3:24 | 10/08/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 3 People Will Be Buried Alive in Fear-Conquering Experiment
Halloween reality show event that plays on some of our deepest fears. Three contestants are voluntarily going someplace some of us want to avoid at all cost and do it live on national TV. ABC's David Wright explains. Reporter: Buried alive. Hello. Hello. Reporter: That's the concept for a new live TV event airing on A&E this Halloween. Don't leave me here. Reporter: Taking the fear factor to a whole new level. Six feet under. Three people sealed in underground coffins infrared cameras and vital sign monitors rolling. Billed as one of the most chilling vice logical experiments ever on live television. It's all about helping people overcome their deepest fears. Hi, folks. My name is margee Kerr and I know what scares you. Reporter: Helping them through it the same fear psychologist behind square factor. The idea, when pushed to confront our worst fears head on, we come out on the other side triumphant, W way look atelapsing ltiple serosis? Teisthercf iid tecfidera is not ainjectio It ail'sl for lapsing asth H theower cut relses in hf. Im agine at yould D C Te de si effects suchs allerg reaction, pm ch whira ia inre B that usually leads to death or save disabity, and decrses in yr white ceood ll mostthomn CDE esi are using a S man eaten alive bianna con das, buried alive, Eli Roth of "The hostile horror series" and "North Carolina" is setting a new benchmark. We're tuning in to see what happens. I want to see the look on their face and see them screaming. Yikes. I pretty much confronted all of my big fears in one short news story there. Now it's your turn. What are you most afraid of? Locked in a dark basement. I think -- I owe my older brother, thank you, for that. This face or the possibility of sharks? Both. I don't like dark open water. Did you ever see the movie "Open water"? Oh, man. Oh, my gosh. You and I share clowns. I do not like clowns ever since "Pole ter guise." Getting no a fight with Michael Strahan. I don't know that's a reasonable fear, though. He threatens me a lot. Mine is unlike -- I don't like driving in the first place so driving a semi truck in new York City is my biggest fear. It is so -- I think about it. Who would that come up. But what if I had to do it to save someone's life. I think November sweeps are coming up. You should confront your fear. What kind of movies are happening in her mind I want to know. In New York. It has to be in New York. Yeah, because it's congested. Is it red? It's below 14th street and red. An 18-wheeler or fire truck -- Way before I would drive that truck. Michael corn, you heard that, buried alive.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"They have volunteered to do it live on national television on Halloween.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34335836","title":"3 People Will Be Buried Alive in Fear-Conquering Experiment","url":"/GMA/video/people-buried-alive-fear-conquering-experiment-34335836"}