Pepsi apologizes for protest ad starring Kendall Jenner

The "GMA" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
6:10 | 04/06/17

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Transcript for Pepsi apologizes for protest ad starring Kendall Jenner
Back now what are big board and we're very lucky to have Rebecca Jarvis hear the table for our first story and let's start. What that new fallout over Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner the company apologizing. And pulling the ad after backlash from critics calling it. Tone deaf X seventeen capturing dinner trying to lay low and parents and to start deleting tweets related to the ad Rebecca. Pepsi says they missed the mark. And they also apologizes will be fit we also apologized to putting Kendall Jenner in this position but now there is backlash over their apology. To do more harm than good try their right of what that whether one for the wrong. Ultimately the issue here online the backlash is about that apology to Kendall adding her inside of the apology it's so tough to get these corporate apologies right and you have people. Instant reaction online now so here on Twitter. It people are tweeting it's incredible that Pepsi apologize to Kendall she chose to be a part of that ad Pepsi needs to apologize to the protesters. Another one saying she is not a child and could have said no to the ad but. You can file this one under you really can't please everyone because here we have another person tweeting. Pepsi and Kendall Jenner have nothing to apologize for bring it back at it promoting peace they apologizing Kendall. I think probably did because she is important to of their potential opportunities in the future she is a big celebrity. And a big company like Pepsi doesn't want to anger a big celebrity maybe she's been asked for I don't know I got. In my daughter's candle stand entertainment and she'd get her initial instinct was she felt sorry for candles legacy and there are people and I have talked to a lot of people about the story they're certainly a lot of people who feel sorry for Kendall and often vote but what about companies that having every company makes mistakes we all make mistakes shark which ones have gotten the apology is right no more authentic and are real the apology from the battery plays which is tough to do and a corporate environment. Air B Indy for example somebody. Went into an air B&B house few years back destroyed the home. The founder of Caribbean became mountain sat how sorry he was he wrote an entire plot post about it and they change their corporate apology yet. Corporate policy rather after the apology. That made a big difference. Also apple remember when Taylor Swift came out and said. Apple you're taking money away from artists it's not fair I'm not gonna put my elbows on apple well within 24 hours of bat note from Taylor Swift which. Albeit carries a lot of clout. Within 24 hours they had come out with an apology it was just tweet online from one of the top executives with an apple and they change their policies those got it right. The thing is. When you want to attract this millennial audience you have to be authentic you have to be genuine it has to be part of. Your mission. Good method that is good advice right now. Ten Rebecca Jarvis thanks very much food and other great story at a Pittsburgh Kansas these high school journalists who uncovered a story about their next principle. This was the Pittsburgh high school in Pittsburgh Kansas they broke the story for their paper the booster were ducks. After they reported that the incoming principal had overstated a recurrence credentials the principal did resign. We're joined now by the students and their journalism advisor congratulations guys what does it what a scoop you guys had bad there some real hard. Good work that she did and I wanna start with Matty baiting you're an editor the paper tell us how you guys got into this in the first place. Well first off I was supposed to do an introduction story today Kennedy's into the community housing contact with there. And I Astor as you can provide information of where she got her Ph.D. and master's degree and she would not give me that information so do the interview process. We it were informed that she received her degrees from Cortland university. So please search Cleland university to find more information about it and the first thing we found was a website and for the website and it didn't work out all. We try clicking on and things and they would not take us to anywhere it just sleep on the same page. And there's no physical address or phone number two kind of see it see where attack. And then also whenever you search it and it. Has a bunch of articles that say it's a degree Mel accreditation mill and a bunch of other factors that kinda. State that it's a false university so that's kind of what sparked our interest to get this story coming. Tiny room really interest in your article came out last Friday. The principal resigned this Tuesday it Gina Mathieu your another editor there at the paper what was your reaction when Robertson stepped aside. Well we knew that something had to happen and we expected a local reaction. And the lord was to make a statement on it and whether or not it was be an example that we preferred we knew that there was something that was going to happen and we are glad that we were able to impact change at the high school as young journal. He certainly did do that I want to bring in your journal is an advisor Emily Smith family yet this Twitter conversation with the Boston Globe reporter Todd wac is part of that same spotlight team which uncovered sexual abuse. In the Catholic Church up in Boston. He treated you should be proud they did amazing work I'll bet you are proud. I'm always incredibly proud about my kids of them but I think they've certainly set the bar very high this time. You know it was incredible. If it also army we reached out in fairness to Amy Robertson who the former principal. AmBev did not hear back when she told the Kansas City Star there were no issues machine guy or degrees. And 1994. And also in 2010. And she also said I have no comment in response to the questions posed by. PHS students regarded my credentials because their concerns are not based on facts so what Matty what is your reaction to that statement. We all knew that we got so much support in our community so. Part that she said that she Dennett connect. That she did have it it didn't really bother us because we knew that yet so much support in our community and that we knew that we did the research that we needed to do. And that information that we need to provide to the community lesson there. You'd did you work right you got your facts were right and you got probably just outcome. There as well congratulations on that great work he regrets.

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