Pet Health Myth Busting

Partner for Healthy Pets' Ruth MacPete discusses why regular vet visits are important for your furry friend.
3:00 | 04/03/14

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Transcript for Pet Health Myth Busting
And I -- so much attention off on our own health care these days that should also remember that our pets need to be taken care of as well. So visits for -- have been on the decline in recent years while obesity diabetes and arthritis are steadily increasing for animal companions. So we thought we'd do a little myth busting when it comes to war -- -- so let's head over to the GMA social squarely -- five. -- How are you -- ahead for good -- needs food food that came back came. Eight overall. De Jesus Sosa told us what what are some things that we need to be thinking about when where today to get our -- of of that wouldn't -- the most important. Is that people know how important annual check -- are for the past. We got to the doctor regularly with her kids that pediatrician for wellness visits to -- our teeth cleaned leaving her car and so we need and not forget about our paths it's so important to bring your hat to the -- at least once a year. That's really the -- way we have to protect patent. Against preventable disease and then -- -- once a year but you know some people say. Always got to do this every couple months the mean do you think that's really necessary really that ABM -- and -- -- recommend that pats are seen at least once a year but you're right depending on the pats. Depending on their -- are they have any medical conditions they may need to be seen more frequently he wanted to run that fire pattern right right. Right into the gun those guys here this is tanner he has a five month old eagle Bassett makes and -- -- -- On these guys are from the New York humane society I think -- that right there holiday adopt civil and then you have lifted we have that led down man I would oh Danielle looked and there. Her she's viewed as a couple minutes so we have ready so. My pet stays indoors he doesn't need any vaccinations any parasite protection true -- false false the reality is even indoor pets can be exposed to a number of different infectious diseases. As well as -- -- so it's really important that they also see their -- and you check with your veterinarian about -- Immunizations. And parasite preventative is made me. I know Atlanta with a heart -- you -- -- on that in mind -- thank you run them on the trails we have to get the lives of sclerosis vaccines and all those -- -- -- depends -- where -- -- absolutely and order -- -- -- hear -- -- -- is -- -- that immunizations. And also the parasite preventative that your pet needs as it does depend. And in -- animal may need fewer immunizations and it's really important that people see their fat at least once -- all right Santo. If you are you know and another myth might be you know -- if my pet is -- I know about it. Great that's a great question because a lot of people think fat and while it's true that you know your -- better than anyone. The fact is animals are masters at hiding illness and they can't -- and tell us when they're sick. That's why it's so important that you take them to the -- we're trained to the tactic illnesses early. We also are gonna do complete physical exam attacking them from there had all the way to their tail and how people can say they really do that at home -- mean. Do you look -- your dog's mouth regularly do listen to their hearts. Even if you did would you know what to look for that's why again it's so important to take them to the -- It's the best way to insure your -- lives a half its healthiest life possible OK so here's my other question is isn't exactly a myth time. Do you really have to brush your dog's teeth. It is definitely recommending you don't half to -- again and it's one of those things where prevented Madison is the vast. If you can brush your -- -- you can help keep them clean so that hopefully they avoid a lot of problems just like fast we get -- at -- regularly the whole gulf of preventive health care for -- Is to avoid medical problems down the line. I think they have to put this dug down given the -- -- -- -- -- putting on the ground. I'm gonna have to get home because it's what happened to me the last time had a good has -- an -- and I -- I while Anton. And I inherited. Does. Of GMA and let me Watson loves you manner as they accused us Tyler -- -- -- -- -- three year old woman -- of all these people and easing strains lives. Nintendo characters and I don't have pain pills aren't -- the both are not straying that. John is this mellow -- -- drug this animal now yeah. Yeah that I'm just want to make sure people remember is that she brought up the line. Is that annual checkups are as essential us food and lots -- past it's really really important to see here that at least once a year. -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Partner for Healthy Pets' Ruth MacPete discusses why regular vet visits are important for your furry friend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23174738","title":"Pet Health Myth Busting","url":"/GMA/video/pet-health-myth-busting-partner-healthy-pets-ruth-23174738"}