Peter Travers' Summer Movie Preview

Film and television critic Peter Travers, host of "Popcorn With Peter Travers," offers a breakdown of all the films you'll want to see this summer.
11:20 | 05/26/16

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Transcript for Peter Travers' Summer Movie Preview
101. Movies coming out. From may to labor and you feel all of them you know so I'm in the guides you through and we're gonna start with the blockbuster. The biggest blockbuster has already open and it's called Captain America civil war K if marvel. It was light on its feet. He gave some people the antidote to bat man vs Superman which they found the dark. And it heads Robert Downey junior in it as Iron Man and Chris Evans as Captain America and I think at least 90%. Of the venture show so it's not just the Captain America movie it's an avengers me. And it's set up there are as the beginning of this summer to say to these other movies. I dare you I dare you to beat me the box office we work only until labored will that happen I don't know but. The next one up at bat is called a. This is one of those X-Men movies we're the F mannered young where they're played by Michael Fassbinder and James bankable. The big news here is the villain of the piece apocalypse. Played by a great actor named Oscar Isaac. Who threw the whole movie has his skin painted blue green if this agreement and thing. He wouldn't be able to recognize him as po Damron from Star Wars the force the weekends or from X Mac and or the movies he's done and I admired act and act there. It's like Tom hardy bill. They'll be in the Dark Knight movies and this I'd themselves completely. And they just beaten to another place. They deserved so much crap. OK so then what that next in the block but the department is Star Trek beyond. Again the big news here is the bill and the villain here is played by it yourself one of the great actors that he had. So I think that's the news these if you're gonna make it the summer of sequels prequel retread. Get somebody new and make them really really good so it's exciting to see somebody like it yourself dude it's. My personal favorite eyes blinking pieces of this news. Let me. It's the movie I'm most excited about seeing this summer and it's called Jason Bourne. It means Matt Damon is back playing Jason Bourne was director Paul Greengrass. Into a whole new world the whole political war putting this and he's yet buying into. A new context that current context. You know summer is all about action and this is the war on vote you then. In August. You get the maybe that is costs so much money nobody. And yet everybody is worried about it lie even though it's called suicide squad. There is that worried the fact that Batman v.s Superman made a ton of money but people the audience seemed to have had a bad vibe about it. So they're worried that suicides wide might be can dar. I wouldn't Maury I mean not with this group of people and especially seeing Garrard led and the first movie he's made since he won the Oscar Ford five. Jared Leno is playing the Joker. I'm anxious about it and yet at the same time I can't wait to see. These people are the blockbusters these are the ones that you're gonna see even if you want to not liking them. Again me I'm on cited cases. I wanna that the summer. Summer is known for comedy. We wanna go to the movies we wanted to sit back and be beat new luxury shares that we. Go back and do everything well we massive amounts. And watched the one that we want to feed the most to me at those. Director Paul feet said you know I'm gonna get my bra I think people together he got Melissa McCarthy. He got Kristen wade and then he added two women from Saturday Night Live that I think of great Kate MacKinnon and that we you know. And you know who you gonna call. If you're going to remake a movie that never needed to be remade why not do it with women and he would do. It. Then there's a movie called pop star. Pop star again have these cones that it after that enough ethically so popped it's called pop star Colin never stop never thought. It stars Andy Samberg. And it's created by Andy and his on the island group and it is a movie about a fake kind of a month you may entry. Rapper. That and simpler place called Conn or forever. And it's a satire. This industry. That people that we make stars. And it's that rare thing. In the summer where everything is something that we see before stage of all over again and regional. Or would it be funny weird nobody went before I have on the man. Then of course you have a movie called central intelligence. Which is a sight gag disguises and it stars Kevin Hart he's about five foot four and the rock who lead the side of the mountain. Even though it's about the CIA. And about killers and people running program the joke if basically. Kevin Hart is really short the rock is really tall. For some back enough then there is a movie Cold War dobbs. This is from Todd Phillips who did the hangover movies. And it stores a Jonah Hill and miles teller at Miami hustlers. Who make an arms and he and they decide to basically supplied guns or war. Down from what most the third thing if you've never met but of course it's absolutely true. So we about it lot of opportunities out there which is of that family. Felt family films in the summer. It's another big thing it's not just the big thing in the summer if you noticed the beginning and of 2016. You have movies like utopia which is an incredibly. Clever Smart. Animated movie making a fortune. You have John bad throws the jungle book which is basically computerized with one live action figure. And think amounts of money that means in Hollywood terms. You get for quieter he gave everybody the good news they look like they're for kids but everybody goes and in those two cases had a good time. So what else is out there like that well finding don't worry everybody that ever saw Finding Nemo which is every line and. Said why can't there be a sequel. And finally the Pixar folks said that hand me because Ellen DeGeneres did the voice to D'auria time. Kill off and will need to find her. And then we will have Ed O'Neill come in and do voice of octopus. Who is on her side. Who are as far as I'm concerned can do you know they just know what they're doing. There's another animated movie they're called the secret life that's because I have packed to have the dog and cat. I believe that when I shut that door in the morning they have secret life and that's what this movie based on you have people like Louis CK doing the voices. Who isn't passing. Then you have movies that aren't completely animated but use a lot CPI computer generated effects. In one of them is Alice through the looking at. Tim Burton had done the first dose of one but it's just producing this one. But the task is back with the washing pal the playing Alice Johnny Depp back as the mad hatter. And I got to stay Johnny Depp is so surprising this as the men haven't. He's doing this role in ways you can't imagine. So you're in for a good time on that one. And then. May be the biggest name director of the film he'd feel. Has decided to do a movie called the BF gene which is the big friendly giant. Because it's from a book by rolled doll who is a dying whose sense of humor is completely twisted. In this case mark Ryland who's just won an Oscar for Spielberg produced buys. Is playing the giant but he doing it through performance capture this. I think has the chance of being may be this summer's surprise blockbuster people don't seem to be talking about it yet. We'll watch you know have you for. Is there any possibility that any of the summer movies that are all about popcorn relaxing escaping thing now I don't want anything theory. Any chance that anybody is giving and Academy Award I perform. There's really. And the first one is from Michael Keaton this guy's got that role. The last two best pictures. Oscar winners bird man and spotlight. Star Michael. And in this he's playing Ray Kroc who is the founder of McDonald's. Two other guy's name McDonald actually with the ones who created it but Ray Kroc it would get over and the story of how he took it over. Is what's going on in the if Michael Keaton. He's digging into role I want to be there he academy will pay attention. Also how can you even talk they're not mention that Nina Barrow street. I think he has now 4427. Oscars if maybe I'm wrong but still it's more than anybody else that's ever and she has the movie called Florence Foster Jenkins a true story. About a society and nature. Who had so much money basically that he was able put herself into Carnegie hall and things opera the problem with there is that you had noble. Get the worst voice in the history of voices. And this happened this was a woman who coordinate. He will go around kinda collect these recordings that they made in the 1940s. Of foreign force you get the female street do that. Which of this. So that's the farmer from blockbusters. To possible Oscar thing and when I look at it I still sit here and say. It's not the time for women it's always considered a guys season. If those actions superheroes. Last year that wasn't true Sharif. And Mednax heroes I thought. She dominated. One. Was going on in this summer in terms of action movies and in comedy. It was basically seeing train wreck with things humor and seeing her do a spin on her own life. The only women that have a shot at this. Art Melissa McCarthy and her goats the thing on the report.

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