Pets Displaced by Superstorm Sandy Find New Homes

Bazi Kanani investigates efforts to find homes for thousands of displaced animals.
3:00 | 11/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pets Displaced by Superstorm Sandy Find New Homes
Speaking of fur now to the extraordinary efforts being made on behalf of the pets left homeless after hurricane sandy. Like what I did there with the segue. Yeah, that was very classy, dans of tens of thousands of pets were either abandoned or left stranded by the storm and abc's bazny kanani is here in the flesh. Great to be here on such a good story. Many consider pets to be parts of their family so as families are trying to get their lives back together after the storm, this is some of the most important help they can get. They're the silent victims of superstorm sandy. Some of the most helpless and most affected and now our four-legged friends are finally getting the help they need. Southwest airlines and seaworld teamed up to fly 60 orphaned cat and dogs to the helen woodwood animal shelter in california. Thousands of animals lost their homes so we need to move the animals from in these shelters to a shelter on the west coast to make room for some of the hurricane sandy animals. Reporter: The flight crew and volunteers are volunteering their time to assist in this operation and they aren't the only ones helping, the aspca opened a shelter for displaced pets in new york made possibility by the general ross of celebrity chef rachael ray. Sheded $500,000 dough face so we could care for the displaced pets in new york city following the aftermath of hurricane sandy and we're very gracious. Reporter: More than 300 animals have been rescued by aspca 1307bdzers and along with distributing pet supplies and operating mobile clinics, the aspca helped nearly 16,000 animals in sandy-affected area. Get an apartment so I'm basically bring him here where he can be taken care of because he's just like my child. The goal is to provide the people who have been displaced by hurricane sandy an opportunity to bring their pets in, board them for up to 30 days and really just focus on getting their lives back together. Reporter: Proving in the aftermath of devastation, our furry friends are never forgotten. Rescuers say many pets not only need shelter but serious medical attention. In the coming weeks we hope to see lots of happy reunions but for those pets that can't find their families they will be in need of new hopes.

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{"id":17752515,"title":"Pets Displaced by Superstorm Sandy Find New Homes","duration":"3:00","description":"Bazi Kanani investigates efforts to find homes for thousands of displaced animals.","url":"/GMA/video/pets-displaced-superstorm-sandy-find-homes-17752515","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}