Pilot Survives Interstate Plane Crash

Vermont State police say the pilot suffered minor injuries after parachuting to safety.
2:40 | 04/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pilot Survives Interstate Plane Crash
Now, to the pilot whose quick thinking ended up saving his life. He did end up tangling from a tree. And his plane is reduced to charred wreckage. But he is alive to talk about it.and ABC's Michelle Franzen is here to talk about it. Reporter: That fiery crash in Vermont could have been worse and deadly. Police say no one was driving on the stretch of highway when the aircraft went down. And the pilot bailed before the crash. A split-second move that saved his life. The plane is crashed on the interstate. Reporter: This morning, Daniel is thankful to be alive. It's unfortunate. And my family's fortunate that I'm here. Reporter: This mangled, charred mess is all that's left of the single-engine plane that crashed on to a highway Friday afternoon. State police say initial reports indicate the plane was fully engulfed in flames when it slammed on to highway I-89 near Burlington, Vermont. Everything was running good. And there was a loud explosion. There were parts and pieces, ripping the canopy off of the airplane. Something broke and interfered with the controls of the airplane. Reporter: It's hard to believe someone survived this flaming wreckage. But he says he was able to parachute out just before the crash, landing within a mile of the plan. He is not hurt. But he's stuck in a tree. Reporter: Look at him, dangling in the tree, seen in this photo captured by a witness. Escaping with only minor injuries. Wasn't hurt a bit. I may have a couple bruises on my shins. Reporter: The investigation is ongoing, as to what caused this fiery crash. Pretty lucky no one else was injured. Reporter: He works as an aircraft mechanic and has been flying for ten years. Doubling as a sky-high performer in air shows. This aviator's mind, going into autopilot mode in those moments. We do expect something like this would happen. We prepare for it. Reporter: This incident, not deterring him. He's planning on getting back into the cockpit, as soon as he can get a replacement plane. The pilot says as many risks as he takes, safety is a priority. And all his training, he says, paid off. Meanwhile, the FAA, of course, is just getting started to find out the real cause of this accident. Michelle asks the deep questions, too. Would you rather be the pilot of that plane or the golfer attacked by hornets? I think the golfer. I think the feet are planted on the ground. Reporter: I can dangle from a tree for a while. I don't want to get stung. We have a difference of opinion. We will never try it out. We'll continue this conversation online at abcnews.com. Weigh in, folks.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Vermont State police say the pilot suffered minor injuries after parachuting to safety.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23391740","title":"Pilot Survives Interstate Plane Crash","url":"/GMA/video/pilot-survives-interstate-plane-crash-23391740"}