Pint-sized drumline on a mighty mission is making Maryland proud

Ray Washington, the director of an inspiring elementary school drumline, opens up about his project live on 'GMA.'
8:02 | 10/13/17

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Transcript for Pint-sized drumline on a mighty mission is making Maryland proud
13th. Friday the 13th. Are you scared of that? I'm not scared but I think about it. When it's Friday the 13th doesn't it occur to you that maybe you shouldn't fly or something? I get super nervous and I happen to be flying so godspeed. I know. You just reverse jinxed yourself so you're good. Thank you. So some people are superstition. The fear has an actual name which I've been practicing for two hours. Thank you, producers, but I think you got it first, of course, George got a first try. Parareceive deck tskparaskevidekatrophobia. I had to right it out. Par thatskevidekatriaphobia. Once, two, three types a year. Just to give you notice. So nobody else here at the table. I know you like spooky things. Another excuse to watch a horror movie toght. I didn't realize until we got in. That it was Friday the 13th. I woke up thinking, oh, no, I'm flying today. Stop saying that. I know. I am getting nervous for you. We'll make it a feel-good Friday the 13th. How about that? An incredible story. We want to you meet -- we want to you meet the maple elementary marching lions, the pint-sized group of fourth and fifth graders catching our eye in this video that you see here. They're all led by their music teacher ray Washington and we're hearing their inspiring story this morning and they're going to join us live right now from Maryland. All right. Ray. So, ray, I understand that you received the teacher who makes a difference award and you are truly making a difference. What was the motivation behind forming this group? It's funny. When I was here I started substituting the year before last and I was planning on just subbing for awhile and moving on to something else but I started to build a connection with the kids and when the opportunity came to teach music, I kind of hopped on it and then we started to build the marching band and started with the drumline then started with getting uniforms and everything and then it led to what it is now. And you're right there with your drum major hallmark. How is it going today, hallmark? You good? Tell us about Mr. Washington. What he means to you. Yeah. It means a lot because it's a really good experience. Learning the drum major spot and it was really good to earn that spot and I'm glad for the whole band for being here. We're glad for you guys too. You think we could hear a little sampling of your magic. One, two, attention. Hut two three four. ??? All right. Now, isn't it true you went to this elementary school way back when? Yes, I did. I did. Way back when. Way, way, way back when. I didn't mean it like that. It's wonderful -- No, that's fine of that's fine? Wonderful for you to be there and the discipline that it's teaching them. We can see there are a lot of parents and a lot of support that are -- a lot of people out there. All the parents, the whole school is out here. The whole school is out here. Have the photographer go up and see them as well. Such big support there. They really take pride in it. That's so great. "Good morning America," they were so excited we were coming out there and we were excited to share this story, especially on Friday the 13th. All right. Now I say I'm bringing something to the table. Wolfgang puck is with us, erybody. Wolf if I, get out here. I love it. It's like you're on a float at a parade. Hello, wolf. Good morning. Hey, wolfy, how are you? I'm excellent. To your table, wolf. How are you? Mwah. Want to let everybody know not only are you in town to cook for us which we appreciate but for a good cause. The tenth anniversary of the new York City wine and food festival. Tell us about all about it. The wine and food festival and tonight I'm cooking with Daniel downtown and all the proceeds go to no kids hungry and New York food bank so a lot of people will be able to eat so that's really important. And get to see your magic in live and in person and right here? Exactly and now I'm going to show you something really simple and easy to make and also good for you. A salad with a little grilled chicken and pumpkins, everything in season so it's simple. I got greens here you can see. Never go wrong with that. Apples and everybody has a little mandolin, if not use a life. Everybody has one. Everybody. You have to be careful with those. They can be dangerous. Yes, just go very slow and cut them really nicely so have beautiful -- You said you can use a knife instead. You can use a big sharp knife in you want to and look how nicely they come out. Now, that's a knife. That's a knife. Remember that movie. I love that you didn't peel them. You left the peel on. That's great. Put that with your greens and get any kind of apples you can find, green one, red ones, just wash them and leave the skin on so you have more flavor and also a lot of vitamins. Yes. What else do you put in it. So then we have the greens, if you like fennel, you know, fennel is really delicious too. Some pumpkins, you know, you can roast them. Like these ones, you can roast them. A little olive oil, salt. Almonds. Pomegranate. This is very colorful. A little bit of dates. Mm-mm. Now a little lemon juice and a little vinegar so so simple to do. I have apple cider vinegar. Blue cheese. Blue cheese. You can sprinkle on top a little salt. Please tell me you shared this recipe on our website. Anything people want, we share everything. That's right. Then you toss it a little bit. Just like that. It looks so good. Then we put it on top and here I reduced a little B of the pomegranate juice. I'm going to use my hand, you know what. I took a shower this morning. More on our web site. Thank you, wolfy and what you're doing tonight. Thank you so much.

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{"id":50452626,"title":"Pint-sized drumline on a mighty mission is making Maryland proud","duration":"8:02","description":"Ray Washington, the director of an inspiring elementary school drumline, opens up about his project live on 'GMA.' ","url":"/GMA/video/pint-size-drumline-might-mission-maryland-proud-50452626","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}