Pittsburgh Physician Accused of Poisoning Wife

Prosecutors aim to prove Dr. Robert Ferante laced his wife's drink with cyanide.
2:08 | 10/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pittsburgh Physician Accused of Poisoning Wife
Pittsburgh murder trial involving two prominent physicians. The husband accused of killing his wife after laces her drink with cyanide, and police say he researched ways to cover it up. Reporter: It is a high-profile case rocking the medical community. A neuroscientist accused of killing his wife, allegedly killing her with cyanide. The trial of Dr. Robert verante, the universities of Pittsburgh neurosnooins charged in the death of his wife, neurologist Dr. Autumn Klein. Seen here in a video produced bit discovery children. It's important to women with epilep epilepsy. Reporter: 65-year-old ferante gave 43 Klein an energy drink laced with cyanide, saying it would help her get pregnant. That same day, how a regimen could help them conceive. Clain wrote, will it stimulate egg production too. Ferrante allegedly responds with a smiley face. She collapsed and three days later died. He did not want an autopsy performed and instructed the body be cremated. An autopsy was performed, revealing the cyanide poisoning. He used the university credit card to buy a bottle of cyanide just days before she collapsed. And in an interview with the police, he searched on Google, would ecmo or dialysis remove toxins, poisens. He suspected his wife was having an affair and arrested in July, 2013. And charged with one count of criminal homicide. He pled not guilty. He's going to have his day in court and prove his innocence. Paula Faris, ABC news, new York.

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{"duration":"2:08","description":"Prosecutors aim to prove Dr. Robert Ferante laced his wife's drink with cyanide.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26395696","title":"Pittsburgh Physician Accused of Poisoning Wife","url":"/GMA/video/pittsburgh-physician-accused-poisoning-wife-26395696"}