Organization Sends Slice of Home to Troops Abroad

Pizza4Patriots has sent millions of slices of pizza to troops serving around the world.
5:43 | 07/02/13

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Transcript for Organization Sends Slice of Home to Troops Abroad
We're eating pizza DNY. I want -- in 2008 -- master Sargent Mark Evans decided. To send a slice. Home to troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Already the coolest thing five years later mark sent one. Millions slices to troops stationed abroad and Veterans Hospital stateside he holds -- the Guinness book of world -- we have a Guinness world record holder with us. The most. I -- the biggest pizza party apps we've had now the -- at so actually we are enjoying this. Master sergeant market advantage Lemanowicz airport had earlier all in. -- I know I've had -- -- -- -- -- Feely -- mistake they're not going to be and yeah they miss the -- -- Pizza yeah song and -- -- and I want to thank you know what he is indeed very -- It's a miracle yeah. Miracle I hear me not only are you blast but that all the troops that -- that. I didn't remembered and it's been such a great inspiring -- -- -- -- for the little details I I daresay he bought when. Agree that means so much almost definitely. We talk a lot about the families -- are waiting at home or before that the folks who served it to come back. But -- to tell just a little bit about what's it like to be away from home for that long. To just like had no touch with anything that you've grown up wit that makes you happy and comfortable that makes you. Feel safe and secure for those months that -- -- years in many cases what's it like to just be that far away what. I got placed him it's absolutely amazing -- years so far away miles and miles from home. Your cold it's tired even -- you know. -- food out of Bagram and are you tell -- do February. And also now know where this pizza through slice a home. Misuses it you're all those memories come back like he's back home if you're -- holiness and with the -- So what will you where you just eating a slice. I did go with my son. As Friday night -- -- that -- two older daughters ice tonight -- -- that pizza. And the war was on the TV he -- could we sentence. And I still feel we could probably do that I was a master sergeant -- we are supposed to get things done doesn't man just yeah. So my wife comes on the sheets super supportive you know she says that was crazy nights all right -- that we had a bet they'll -- They know General Petraeus and he answered in twelve hours into the let's do this our first shipment was 3000 seats to -- Barack. And then it went up from their now -- -- over a 143000. Pizzas. Billick he said just get a slice a home that is the generals say mark his number one other agenda they said let's get these guys let them know we're here -- all the way out -- two years ago. They were in high school. Asked -- what you know just yeah. They're doing out there. How can we help how patent he'll just spread were to be part of this is a sheer miracle you don't -- the morning before the July you'll be waking up -- the -- of our nation. I'm coming -- lives and mean he'd be drinking your coffee you'll -- minutes from the Great -- also the colder -- your picnic. -- -- -- -- -- -- And that god had made the generals made me go last fourth of July. You have to go -- like I don't think that's really you know you know you have to see the other side this what it does. I was over that was just -- and hope I think you know -- yeah it -- played out it. We should also thank the good folks at the HD HL the best tree -- company in the world international -- -- let's do they volunteer they give their time yes the 30000 he switched to huge 747 an airplane -- how he hasn't stopped. Twice the height of what was happening. How can people -- can help that you put on pizzas for patriots -- county public show -- the world record. It's so we'll have prewar Jewish or PP I however apple -- for a poor. Patriots got -- out there's -- -- great radio there candidates. There's a world record. We have a totally should -- -- partners we. We settled -- new York and Chicago and I said you know I was at a a pizza conference. You know feeding this great -- pizza night I told the -- I have to have this -- Familia is these are best ingredients. So famous Melia we just but I -- and I needed to do we have. And still we ship I I get the ingredients we have -- -- still frozen sausage but the media at a Chicago. The Credo cheese. Our -- cross. And did I I work for AT&T Randall Stephenson the CEO this is mark let's do this at great pace they supported me. All through this I was Tom's boss in the military -- -- team high and now he's a captain and have to salute him. I don't give up their congratulations on the promotion could you Bernanke Greg thank you so much for everything even on you that's amazing sea change yeah. Let's break another world record. Yeah yeah yet -- -- -- log on its peak says the number four patriots dot com. You can help be a part of another put a smile on their minerals and that's what yeah. Home -- -- valley you can not immediately after the -- ten dollars cheaper than your own house thank god for the -- in the military all the ice generals. This again let's just do this week you would sweet crude for July veterans don't -- Super Bowl all right he's somebody -- master Sargent -- And that a lot of. About I think there that vital purpose personally -- look good luck especially right in line let you said birth of our country.

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{"id":19554293,"title":"Organization Sends Slice of Home to Troops Abroad","duration":"5:43","description":"Pizza4Patriots has sent millions of slices of pizza to troops serving around the world.","url":"/GMA/video/pizza4patriots-organization-sends-slice-home-troops-abroad-19554293","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}