How to Plan Your Dream Vacation for Less

"Trip Flip" host Bert Kreischer's insider tips to afford your dream vacation, from airfare to hotels
3:00 | 03/22/13

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Transcript for How to Plan Your Dream Vacation for Less
Nearly forty years to life the -- drew and faith Chertoff has been all about family first their daughters now -- grandchildren. We're very close family and this summer the couple wants to put their hard earned money together. And take an unforgettable trip which will include all three generation your grandparents. -- don't know how long you're going to be healthy enough -- schlep around. But where should they go well -- knew -- to call. -- pressures the host of the travel channel's -- And he knows how to score four star trips without paying Forestar prices. First bird needs -- -- -- Yeah congregation. Armed with three itinerary suitable for a family dream trip -- dream trip number one Anaheim California Anaheim is perfect for family says -- It's got great beaches and world class theme parks are you aware of the -- OK you -- Bert recommends hitting. We -- -- -- Wednesdays are traditionally the least crowding. And consider staying at the grand Californian resort which has an on site kids' club. The doubles as child care. They are going to -- these kids war now so they go to sleep when you get home Anaheim also gives Andrew a chance to root for his beloved yankees. At a stadium he'd love to visit. Angels' -- the dream trip number two Hilton head South Carolina it's also home to pristine beaches but has world class -- thing and -- -- Bert recommends flying into Savannah Georgia instead of the local airport that can save as much as a hundred dollars a ticket. And -- also says the family should look into renting a house on home away dot com or island getaway dot com instead of checking into a hotel -- saved money by. Get your own groceries you -- your own breakfast. To save money here Bert recommends booking coach -- 24 weeks in advance but don't rule out first class ticket. There's some great deals to be found in business class in the summer months -- coach pulls up so quickly. Cultural enthusiasts can pick up the Paris museum passed which grants access to some fifty museums for two days. It's just 39 euros that's about fifty dollars up -- you guys I want US to put to a vote. So which itinerary will -- -- -- On the count of three let's flip them over -- -- -- going on vacation one general. And Anaheim makes the most sense. GM -- get. The good life brought to you by allied bank your money needs an ally.

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{"id":18789328,"title":"How to Plan Your Dream Vacation for Less","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Trip Flip\" host Bert Kreischer's insider tips to afford your dream vacation, from airfare to hotels","url":"/GMA/video/plan-dream-vacation-18789328","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}