777 Crash Survivor: 'I Just Knew We Were Too Low'

Plane crash survivors recall the moment the plane went down in San Francisco.
2:49 | 07/08/13

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Transcript for 777 Crash Survivor: 'I Just Knew We Were Too Low'
So many survivors were stories of real heroism and chaos. Cecilia vega has the latest. Reporter: This morning harrowing new details from passengers inside the plane about those terrifying seconds before the crash. As we were descending to landing I looked out, you know, looked outside through the window and I just knew we were too low, so I was holding the chair so hard I was basically preparing for the crash and then it was bang, the impact was so powerful and we thought, you know, I thought that was it. I thought I was dying. Until the plane stopped. Reporter: Eugene rah took this flight almost 200 times. When it first crashed everybody was screaming and there was full of fear inside the cabin and then after a few seconds or a few minutes, i don't remember how long it was, it seemed like forever finally the flames stopped and there was like, you know, kind of silence for some time before, you know, before people started, you know, realizing we are alive. Reporter: Emergency room doctors used to treating the most critical patients now working around 9 clock to keep the survivors of saturday's crash alive wonder how anyone made it out. One of the patients told you that she saw the row in front of her actually collapse. Collapse on top of her. What does that tell you about the impact? Well, obviously it's a huge impact for a plane to crash but it broke her sternum and she's a young person. Reporter:51 people still hospitalized. 8 clinging to life in critical condition, one of them, a child. We're told their injuries are horrific. That boeing jumbo jet hit the runway so hard the impact snapped some passengers' spines. Doctors at san francisco general hospital say at least two people are paralyzed. They have the type of rash that we see if somebody were to take a body and pull it across the cement so we don't know if they were perhaps dragged, you know, as part of their injury. Reporter: As for eugene rah he and his daughter feel so blessed to be reunited today. I felt like I could breathe because there was a huge time gap between when I heard about the crash and when I actually got in touch with my father and, you know, I finally felt, you know, oxygen in my lungs again. Reporter: A lot of people feeling very fortunate this morning. Now, among those still being treated here in this hospital, five flight attendants being treated for burns. That doctor I spoke to, the head of the trauma team said for so many of these patients the road to recovery will be a really, really long one. And those flight attendants did an amazing job. Let's bring in paula faris and

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{"id":19603171,"title":"777 Crash Survivor: 'I Just Knew We Were Too Low'","duration":"2:49","description":"Plane crash survivors recall the moment the plane went down in San Francisco.","url":"/GMA/video/plane-crash-san-francisco-asiana-airlines-crash-survivor-19603171","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}