Video Shows San Francisco Crash Passengers' Escape

New video emerges as NTSB interviews the pilots in the crash of a 777 in San Francisco.
3:11 | 07/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Video Shows San Francisco Crash Passengers' Escape
Now, to the breaking, new details on the deadly plane crash in fornia. We're seeing brand-new images this morning of the moments after flight 214 slammed into the runway. The heroic efforts by all onboard to get everyone off the plane. Abc anchor david muir has been leading our coverage from san francisco and joins us again this morning. Good morning, david. Reporter: Robin, good morning, again, from san francisco. And those images, so telling, showing the passengers racing to get off that jet. You can still see the wreckage over my shoulder here across the bay at the runway of the airport. Federal investigators sitting down with the pilots, including the pilot in training. They will do so again today. And among the questions thalt be asking them, is why in the cockpit, they shut down computers and autopilot, 82 seconds before that crash-landing. Abc news has learned that overnight the ntsb had its first meeting with the pilots of flight 214, including that pilot in training, his first time trying to land a boeing 777 in san francisco. That word comes just as new images emerge, revealing the passengers and their frantic efforts to get out of the jet alive. You can see the chutes deploy. And immediately, the passengers racing down them. My god. That's scary. Reporter: The fire breaking out in the front of the plane. And this morning, we now know that that fire started with passengers still in the back. One-on-one with the first firefighters on the scene, they told me how they climbed up the chute, into the smoke-filled cabin, and found mangled seats and the passengers unable to get out. Did you see fear? It was more shock that I saw. Eyes light open. And people looks like they needed assistance. Reporter: And this morning we are learning more about the other discovery. The two bodies, two teenage girls from china. One found on each side of the plane. The fire chief telling me a member of the team discovering that it looked as though one of the teenagers had been hit by a rescue truck. Overnight, the teenagers' families from china, touching down in san francisco. The girls seen in this image, forming a heart with their arms. And amid the heartbreak, one story of true courage emerging, the flight attendants. One of them seen carrying a child on her back. Lee yoon hye, trying to put the fires out herself. One of her colleagues, choking under the weight of the slide. Helping the injured, she realized, she, too, had been hurt, breaking her tailbone. In front of the cameras in pain, and back in her uniform. She said her mind was clear from the moment of the crash, thinking to herself, I need to put out that fire. Determined to put out that fire and determined to get the passengers off that plane. We did learn overnight of another scare involving a boeing 777 also headed here to san francisco. This time from tokyo. It turned around and returned after four hours of flight time because of a warning about a hydraulic fluid leak. Obviously unrelated to this. But you can imagine the jitters when another boeing 777 with problems heading to this airport.

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{"id":19614294,"title":"Video Shows San Francisco Crash Passengers' Escape","duration":"3:11","description":"New video emerges as NTSB interviews the pilots in the crash of a 777 in San Francisco.","url":"/GMA/video/plane-crash-san-francisco-asiana-airlines-video-shows-19614294","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}