'Planet Hillary' Author: Cover Got Miley Cyrus Treatment

Journalist Amy Chozick discusses her New York Times Magazine article about Hillary Clinton.
3:00 | 01/24/14

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Transcript for 'Planet Hillary' Author: Cover Got Miley Cyrus Treatment
Company -- this ABC news digital special report Hillary Clinton. Like you've never seen her before the New York Times magazine cover that is being called everything from bizarre to confusing to genius. Hillary Clinton's face transformed into a planet at the center of her political universe. And so many couldn't resist putting their own spin on the cover these means over Twitter text from planet Hillary. Hillary starting the Justin Bieber do that I'm -- how this planet Hillary a slam dunk we couldn't resist. So -- there -- the cover accompanies an in depth article by reporter Amy chose -- -- her influence her close circle of friends and allies. And she's joining us -- to talk about the article and getting into this and any I've got to say this is a very revealing article it's probably one of -- most in depth I think ever read about Hillary Clinton. Getting a lot of buzz are you surprised by the reaction on this. I am you know of course -- knew the cover its part the big reaction that has kind of curious about how the story -- and -- and it has it's going to be reaction them. -- -- gotten them Miley Cyrus treatment that the -- cover has but. -- -- -- Well -- -- right and you say that out of he says that in a positive or a negative light but it but we'll we'll take it out of actually I have seen when we're Miley is actually on the wrecking ball of yeah Hillary Clinton in math. So it is certain. Anything that breaks through the clutter I think is a good thing for. For journalists obviously they don't take the F photos but. Right -- what it so so every interests are coming YouTube pose the question if Hillary Clinton does run for president -- -- present herself as someone. Eager to serve rather than someone who is entitled. To that position -- -- I think that was -- -- problem for her in 2000 me I was in her traveling. Press corps covering that campaigning here remember when she said she was running you know videos saying I'm in it and -- it to -- -- in a sort of rubs. -- the wrong way and we watched as she went from this inevitable candidate to. To losing and so I think that's definitely knock them. Back a few notches but they still have to think about it again -- present her as an underdog as someone who is ready to serve and not just. Entitled to surf lesson learned or another optional shall have to face and -- sixteen if she does make that declaration. Right exactly. She has said that she would decide this year. -- answering a question about a hypothetical candidacy she said any candidate would probably have to decide towards the middle of -- fourteen so obviously we'll all be watching that carefully. -- and of course were asking all of these questions with the premise that in fact no declaration has been made that decision -- at least that we know publicly on this. But still if you reflect back to 2008 there were troubles in fighting in her campaign -- avoid this in the next term based on the people -- spoke with. While you mentioned lessons learn and a lot of people point to the State Department on one hand if she was barred from political activity and she was traveling the globe she was kind of cloistered off from all the noise of decades of political operatives and donors and friends who give them advice are asking for favors constantly. She was sort of cloistered off and that it was this blissful period where she could just listen to a handful close advisors. Both a mix of old loyalists and noon. And so now that she's out of the safe haven -- State Department I think a big question is did she learn those lessons can she continue to have that type of organization moving forward if there is a campaign. What is great about this article is that it goes incredibly deep into the circle of close friends for Hillary Clinton. In your interviewing -- fact -- so with a former aide that compared working for the clintons to staying at the hotel California. Bit of a nod of the Eagles -- -- continue down -- -- you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave what exactly they mean by that. It's. Funny aides have a whole range of metaphors authority for the clintons James Carville compared it to an onion saying it's safest to exist in the third or fourth -- There's hotel California and there's someone saying it's like prison some people have a hard time on the outside -- -- working for the clintons is such an intense thing. They are very good to people who work for them. You feel immense power -- -- sort of swept up in the charisma of the clintons and for a lot of people. That sort of defines what they go on to do for the rest of their lives if they even get out of that some people sort of stay in the orbit forever. Well -- speaking of the -- and hinted to continue on with with this in the universe of planet Hillary she obviously has in the center. So if you had -- of the planet closest to her after someone who would very. That's a good question I think right now the planet closest to her -- They're people she trusts. That's her inner inner circle and then it goes that goes out from the air but obviously as you know 2016 approaches people will be angling to make their way closer to -- the central planet. Well put we put in the -- parentheses then who is the furthest away and -- Well we have you know there's there's a lot of friend -- me is out there for the clintons and there's a lot of formerly as we call them former BF -- people who have been cast out of the circle if you look at 2008. People like Patti Solis Doyle and Mark Penn who are. Really held responsible for the loss or sort of no longer -- getting close to be close to the Hillary Clinton planet if you well. Interest in and we want -- you talk about watching her at fundraisers essentially working the -- he described having this. Almost enjoy it while it lasts feeling -- they go into that if you can because I think there was an interest in inside. Thanks sir I didn't and -- shadowing her accepting these awards in kind of schmoozing with big Obama donors like Anna wintour and Katzenberg and in Beverly Hills and at the same time so she's kind of enjoying this time she seems relaxed happy. But all of this no place is growing up around her mean you've probably seen the coverage of super pacs or -- Throwing their support behind a potential Clinton candidacy. So it was sort of this sense of even then she seemed relaxed and happy and having fun it was like enjoy a light at last because all the craziness of the Clinton. Operation is already gearing up you know even even though she's not necessarily involved -- that rain now it is gearing up around her. It is fascinating to see that almost remarkable call about when you have that kind of activity and commotion and chaos surrounding and yet you're able to kind of focus on the one person. Which I think you have a great etiquette at the very top of your article about that as far as who month. Kind of rally and everyone I think your line is let's load is that what she did say as far as moving from one venue to the next. And and Hillary Clinton just sort of seemingly very gracefully moving you know -- -- -- throughout the day. After all the time has passed so many wheels in motion now for a possible run what are you saying what what are you what are you thinking what are you feeling this. Do I think -- run again. I mean to me I think she'd looks like she is she's. Doing all the right things she's talking about the right things her Philanthropic work with the family's foundation can only look good she's. Talking about incoming equality and a lot of things that are you know of the moment politically but I think she really hasn't made up her mind -- -- and if you know if she does feel like she's running now she has time to say it look at 2014 have a mid terms play out -- decide maybe I'm not going to have. So she has that luxury in a way building up this operation having these friends. Doing things like Paxson grassroots an opposition research outside of her control gives her that luxury of her infrastructures there should she -- -- Well we can speculate on that we've got a couple of years it is our a couple of years and really a couple of months given the type -- decision will be made this year. But what we can enjoy for right now is the article and the copper that accompanies that the idea. And a series of sketches that -- -- the final version as -- a vital center Jesse Atlantans. In the first as you can see throughout the script process very simple pencil sketch the second draft. You can see then she's grinning looking sort of planet earth fish but -- time design director felt it may have been a bit -- forced. The next draft this one here -- Hillary a few stars that backdrop needed a bit more of the universe though to get that. Feeling of -- Osce to and that obviously led to the final version apparently Hillary's inner circle of stars are brighter than people. That you write about quite elegantly I I I think is it's it's a fascinating read I think it's a great look that very few people have access to -- Thank you I think what I just when I told the Clinton people -- would be exploring her orbit they didn't realize how literally. At times magazine would take -- yes outsized political campaigns want a full description exactly what it is you're looking for. I -- said the Clinton orbit it very very well through and brought to let their -- reporter in each other and we thank you so much appreciate -- having me. Thank you I'm -- that's where new -- the CBC news digital special reports.

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