Plastic Wives: Spouses Spare No Expense on Surgery

Women married to plastic surgeons go to extreme lengths to look perfect.
3:12 | 01/24/13

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Transcript for Plastic Wives: Spouses Spare No Expense on Surgery
nicknamed the plastic wives. They're married to some of the best plastic surgeons in the country. So, do they get a nip and tuck whenever they want? What do you think? Abc's cecilia vega has the story. Reporter: This family breakfast discussion is not your typical morning banter. Mommy's going to have surgery today. I'm going to have a new belly button. Reporter: Meet the not-so desperate housewives of hollywood. I had my nose done. Brazilian butt. The chest area. Breast augmentation. I had it injected in my butt. My eyes, my nose. One day I decided to do my lips. Reporter: They are called the plastic wives. They're women that married beverly hills plastic surgeons. And they enjoy all the perks that come with it. No payment required. No appointment necessary. He's driving. It's rush hour traffic on a friday afternoon and I'm like, is my nose crooked? What's happening? I have a wrinkle in my lip. What do I do? Reporter:H A FREE-FLOWING Fountain of botox, how much is too much? Do you feel that people are looking at you and judging his work? Absolutely. I need to look good to make him look good. I tell him I'm his walking billboard. I heard advice a long time ago. If you're considering a plastic surgeon, look at his wife. And that's a perfect example of the kind of work he most likely does. I remember thinking a long time ago, it would be so cool to be married to a plastic surgeon. Never in a million years, never in a million years thought it would happen. Reporter: For these beverly hills wives, it's about being rich and perfect. But life can be far from it. Is anyone in this group addicted to plastic surgery? I am, kind of, I think. Everything that comes -- I don't know if it's because I work there and I go there every day at the clinic. And then, there is so many things coming. So many new technologies. New implants, new botox, new laser procedures and that. I want it all. Reporter: Botox, love it or hate it? Love. Reporter: Breast augmentation, who had their boobs done? Four times. Reporter: You win the surprise. This new show on tlc offers a sneak peek into their lives, on and off the operating table. Eventually, I can get whatever I want. You know? He may be resistant at first. But he'll give in. Sadly, the patients themselves or the celebrities push plastic surgeons to do more and more. Chasing problems that create an unnatural appearance. Reporter: As it turns out, francis' picture-perfect marriage to her surgeon husband, wasn't so perfect after all. He left you for a younger woman? He did. I did everything I could to keep myself young. Reporter: For these plastic wives, life is hardly pain-free. For "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, washington. Bobo, the new pet name for botox. Who knew? "Plastic wives" airs this sunday night on tlc.

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{"id":18301510,"title":"Plastic Wives: Spouses Spare No Expense on Surgery","duration":"3:12","description":"Women married to plastic surgeons go to extreme lengths to look perfect.","url":"/GMA/video/plastic-wives-spouses-spare-expense-surgery-18301510","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}