'Point Break' Star Luke Bracey Dives Into Surf Remake

ABC News' Rachel Smith catches some waves with the actor who plays Johnny Utah in the film.
2:10 | 12/17/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Point Break' Star Luke Bracey Dives Into Surf Remake
We want you to get ready for high adrenaline action thriller. Point break is about an FBI agent who catches criminals and some waves. Cowabunga, baby. Rachel smith with the story. My father put me on a surfboard before I could walk. Reporter: Learning to surf. Luke Bracy was meant to play Johnny Utah, a rookie FBI agent and extreme sports superhero. I grew up on the beach. Salt water runs through my veins. The cure for anything is saltwater. If it's sweat, tears or the ocean. Reporter: The ocean is just one of many thrilling obstacles Luke's character faces attempting to bust daredevil criminals responsible for a string of heists. Identify these individuals and report back to me. Reporter: The film, a turning point for the 26-year-old actor. This is your big Hollywood moment. First role as a leading man. No pressure. But how does it feel? I haven't had time to think about it too much. I guess I'm pretty lucky about that. First thing we got to do is put wax on the board. Reporter: He's taking me out for a surfing lesson off the coast of malibu. You want to pop up as low as you can and keep your knees bent. After a few pointers, it was just Luke, me and the pacific ocean. Let's do this. First I had to get the courage to do it but look at Luke go, incredible. He's definitely done this a time or two. Me, well, after a little push, here I go. The surf was up, but I was down. What a wipeout. Video though with our surf cam. Rooting me on and leading the way I caught another wave, and, well, I opted to tick a dive and after a few I figured out how to stay above the water. Awesome. I'm your sidekick. Watch out. That was awesome. Thank you so much. You're welcome. For "Good morning America," Rachel smith, ABC news, malibu,

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{"duration":"2:10","description":"ABC News' Rachel Smith catches some waves with the actor who plays Johnny Utah in the film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35818540","title":"'Point Break' Star Luke Bracey Dives Into Surf Remake","url":"/GMA/video/point-break-star-luke-bracey-dives-surf-remake-35818540"}