Polar Vortex Breaks Records Across Country

Extreme cold weather has stretched as far south as Florida.
3:00 | 01/08/14

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Transcript for Polar Vortex Breaks Records Across Country
We are headed for a thaw coming up but right now you can't tell from this shot. So much snow coming down in the great lakes a few inches every sickle hour, they could have over five feet. Boy. We'll take a look at pictures from atlanta. This incredible geyser erupting out of a water main, thousands of gallons shooting into the air right now. Icing so fast on the power lines as you see trees, all 50 states were under freezing in the last 24 hours and 21 deaths blamed on the frigid weather. Ginger zee is back outside there for us in times square tracking it all. Good morning, ginger. Good morning to you, robin. Good morning, everyone. Hundreds of records have been broken. Here in new york city it is 9 degrees. Feels like 7 below. Look at mobile, alabama, it feels like 11 and we will spread it out and show you windchill advisories that go into central florida, memphis feels like 22. New orleans, 23 and let me take you to the rest of the nation up here, look at that big monitor, it feels like 3 in cincinnati, 6 in washington, d.C. This is a frozen nation that's about to thaw. Frozen nation, this is a view of icy chicago from the air. On the ground, cars frozen to the street, extreme cold causing water main breaks from indiana to new jersey. This is just crazy. Reporter: In pennsylvania, firefighters looking more like walking icemen. Every bit of water we put on has turned into ice. Reporter: When the fire is out in chicago, jagged mountains of solid ice. On the frozen roads, spinouts after icy spinouts. Whoa. Reporter: A traffic camera in minneapolis capturing this video both chilly and chilling. On a freeway in little canada, the woman in this ford ranger went off the ramp and landed on a frozen pond. She went over the edge. Reporter: Miraculously, the driver walked away and in the south, frozen fountains as far south as louisiana, alabama and even florida, where temperatures mruned into the teens. This inmate in kentucky escaping then quickly turning himself in because it was just too cold. At 7 degrees in tupelo, mississippi, the ducks are walking on water. In western florida, the manatees now huddling around this nuclear power plant just to keep warm. So let's talk timing. When do these it was move? We'll see it from the gulf coast and you can watch the next several days into thursday, friday gets in the mid-atlantic and by the weekend right here in new york city, back to the it was we go. We get all 50 degrees back, george. We are looking forward to

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{"id":21458249,"title":"Polar Vortex Breaks Records Across Country","duration":"3:00","description":"Extreme cold weather has stretched as far south as Florida.","url":"/GMA/video/polar-vortex-breaks-records-country-21458249","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}