Police Identify Prime Suspect in Biker Road Rage Incident

Police search for the man who smashed the window of an SUV driver, who was then beaten after an accident.
2:28 | 10/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police Identify Prime Suspect in Biker Road Rage Incident
Now, to the latest on that scary road rage incident caught on camera. We have shown you that group of bikers swarming an suv, smashing the windows, attacking the driver. Now, this morning, a major breakthrough. Police reportedly identifying a prime suspect. Abc's linzie janis is here with the latest on that. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Police say they have found their most-wanted man in this case. And are working to bring him into custody. For the first time, we sat down with the biker who said he was driving alongside the range rover. And it was lien who was driving aggressively. This morning, police believe they've identified the prime suspect in this highway horror. They say the man seen here smashing the window of alexian lien's range rover, also pulled the banker out of the suv and beat him. These photos apparently show lien on the ground, surrounded by bikers. His wife hanging out the passenger side door and clutching their 2-year-old daughter. The brutal attack, following this infamous caught on tape moment. Panicked. They sway through the swarm of bikers, leaving one paralyzed. In a statement, lien's wife said, our fear for our lives was confirmed when the incident ended with the ruthless and brutal attack on my husband, me and most importantly, our 2-year-old child. Thorning, for the first time, a biker on that ride, telling abc news, it was lien who was at fault. He started from this lane, to that lane. Speeding up. And this is the reason why he was surrounded. Nobody attacked him before you see the video. Reporter: It wasn't just the liens that felt terrorized by the bikers. Check out this footage taken by eyewitnesses across the city. And listen to this police scanner audio at more than 200 calls flooded in that day. Approximately 150 motorcycles blocking traffic. We have a large group of motorcycles. Let me get a couple units here. Reporter: This morning, police say they are scouring through other footage they confiscated from the biker they say filmed that horrifying chain of events. Today, the family of the seriously injured biker will hold a news conference with their attorney, gloria allred, to, quote, set the record straight how the biker was injured and to respond to the statement from the lien family. And the police working so hard to get all of the information they can. Thank you.

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{"id":20468880,"title":"Police Identify Prime Suspect in Biker Road Rage Incident","duration":"2:28","description":"Police search for the man who smashed the window of an SUV driver, who was then beaten after an accident.","url":"/GMA/video/police-identify-prime-suspect-biker-road-rage-incident-20468880","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}