Police Officer Allegedly Killed by Distracted Truck Driver

Police release dashcam video of Jorge Espinoza moments before his semi plowed through police cars.
2:33 | 11/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police Officer Allegedly Killed by Distracted Truck Driver
Now to the frightening new dash cam video. A truck driver in arizona, allegedly looking at pictures on his phone, crashes into police cars and emergency vehicles. Killing one officer. That drive has been charged with murder. Linsey davis has the story. Reporter: Watch closely. That's 33-year-old tru driver jorge espinosa. His wallet blocking the view of his dash camera. His empty fuel tanker barreling down a highway at 65 miles an hour when the unthinkable happened. His 10,000-pound 18-wheeler plows right into three police cars and two fire trucks stopped at an accident scene. In one of those cars, officer tim huffman kyled in the crash. Now investigators say this newly released vid voe sews es pin nose is -- video shows that he was on his cell phone at the time. He was looking at pictures of provocative women wearing little clothing. At the time, he said he looked away at a passing truck. See here, there doesn't seem to be a passing truck. You can see his white galaxy 3 cell phone fly in the air. He placed his wallet to block the dash cam intentionally, police say. He's now facing 20 felony charges, including second-degree murder. He's pleaded not guilty. In 2011, this truck driver's dash cam caught him talking on the phone before swerving across four lanes into a crushing rollover. In september, this school bus driver was caught with one hand on the wheel and two eyes on her phone. In both of those cases, no one was seriously hurt. Unfortunately in this case, this dangerous distraction caught on camera -- turned deadly. Espinosa told the police he never uses his phone while driving because it is against company policy. He used his phone to look at x-rated sites, youtube, facebook. That video so jarring, if you text or watch pictures, it may convince you to stop. Thank you so much. Sam, cool pictures to show

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"Police release dashcam video of Jorge Espinoza moments before his semi plowed through police cars.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20774918","title":"Police Officer Allegedly Killed by Distracted Truck Driver","url":"/GMA/video/police-officer-allegedly-killed-distracted-truck-driver-20774918"}