Police Won't Name Officer Who Shot Missouri Teen

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson cited death threats in his decision not to release the police officer's name.
3:39 | 08/12/14

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Transcript for Police Won't Name Officer Who Shot Missouri Teen
To say things were better than the night before but her last night and they -- the night before is is an understatement I don't think. The night before was the worst night of my life I've never seen anything like it don't ever want to see anything like that again last night we still had. Some hostility rock throwing you know some violence. Threats and so forth. But by comparison. Yes it was much much better last night right before. We're working with the community leaders and some -- -- ministers to. To just keep advocating for peaceful protest. We don't mind if they protest you know I mean we encourage -- that's -- right. That everybody had site that. We encourage young people to express their feelings and -- communicate with us. We just don't want any violence it's it's heartbreaking -- bill. Any loss -- human life is tragic. And this is a tragedy for our community. And in the aftermath this is just heartbreaking you know because this is -- this is a quiet. Community -- it's it's it's peaceful we have nine neighborhood associations that we. The city interacts with on a regular basis we have a farmer's market we have. Restaurants and shops. Community gardens its insistence that it's that kind of place. And just to see this this happen. It's just absolutely heartbreaking. But what I can tell you since it started out as soon as something of the routine encounter. Two young men walking in the street. The officer approached them in you -- listen to get onto the sidewalk. It quickly became violent encounter was. The deceased individual in the officer. -- -- fight. Some some kind of physical confrontation inside the car. That moved outside the car shots were fired I don't know how many I don't know how many struck the individual. But. The conflict and continued outside the car and the total scene is about thirty feet. He feels terrible about the whole thing and he's certainly. And didn't come to work with the intention of something like that have nobody does this voice -- working. And do his job service community and go home that's. That's because the guy I know that's just the officer that works for our department. -- He said -- he's heard. -- He's doing okay. You know this is it's a difficult thing to throw it social media had posted the name of officer Michael White is being the shooter -- is not the shooter. He wasn't involved in this situation at all however his name has been -- all over the place was a some of the news. FaceBook pages. Following that we've been -- death threats against that officer. And based on that officer safety uses. A reason why we can and should. Reasonably. He said officers -- so. -- in discussions with -- with others. We determined that it -- not release the name right now. Since this is too volatile to dangerous and then it's. -- far outweighs any value. To releasing. We wouldn't do it reasoning wouldn't do anything to help anyway.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson cited death threats in his decision not to release the police officer's name.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24948302","title":"Police Won't Name Officer Who Shot Missouri Teen","url":"/GMA/video/police-will-not-name-officer-who-shot-missouri-teen-24948302"}