Pope Francis Inaugurated at Special Mass

World leaders and tens of thousands of people attended the pontiff's inaugural Mass.
2:35 | 03/19/13

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Transcript for Pope Francis Inaugurated at Special Mass
The Vatican where Pope Francis has officially begun his ministry. As the 266. Pope in history he has just been inaugurated in a special mass. Seen by hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people in attendance including -- Cecilia Vega covering it all in Saint Peter's Square -- this morning and good morning to you Cecelia what a day. -- good morning boy what a day and what a glorious day it is really here in the Vatican beautiful weather for these pilgrims gathered in Saint Peter's Square this crowd. Began showing up. Don't want for this inaugural match and to catch a glimpse of hope Francis. -- -- emerged this morning thrilling a crowd of hundreds of thousands of faithful gathered in Saint Peter's Square. Nearly half an hour writing in an open air Pope mobile he toured the square stopping several times along the way. Reaching out to pilgrims from around the world. Kissing babies giving thumbs up to well wishers even climbing out of his -- to lay his hands on and bless these severely disabled. -- the buzz in this crowd right now is just overwhelming. As he came out in magazine the crowd went wild you can see these -- of the -- waving. Clearly this isn't hope hope Francis who is loved by the people less than a -- -- his papacy. And back in the pope's home country of Argentina. Thousands flocked to the main cathedral and -- latest to watch the inaugural mass of their fellow countrymen in attendance at the Vatican vice president Joseph Biden led the American delegation -- along with political and religious leaders from around the world. -- Francis -- and prayed at the tomb of saint Peter. -- where he received -- shouldn't only tally up. And -- gold plated silver fisherman's ring based on his right finger. And we heard some of -- Francis is familiar scene. Blame data mining. Spend embrace with tender affection the whole of humanity. You would especially the poorest. The weakest. The least important and. And the crowd estimated to be up to 200000. People strong and they want this inaugural mass -- large screen. Televisions monitors scattered all over Saint Peter's Square. They're also learning more about someone else who watch this very special about -- Hope emeritus Benedict Italian media is reporting this morning watch from the comforts on his own home on television. And Robin -- for him such a special morning to -- -- thank you so much.

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{"id":18761955,"title":"Pope Francis Inaugurated at Special Mass","duration":"2:35","description":"World leaders and tens of thousands of people attended the pontiff's inaugural Mass.","url":"/GMA/video/pope-francis-inaugural-mass-2013-thousands-flock-st-18761955","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}