Pope Francis' Meets the Media

Ron Claiborne reports the latest news coming from the Vatican.
3:39 | 03/16/13

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Transcript for Pope Francis' Meets the Media
Well, now to the vatsz where the world is watching every move the newly elected pope makes looking for signs of what to expect from his papacy. Dig fatherties will gather for francis I installation mass and ron claiborne is there with the latest. Reporter: Hey there, bianna. Well, that inaugural mass on tuesday, that's the big event with a lot of pomp and pageantry. Today this morning just a short while ago a something a little less ornate. Thousands of journalists to cover the selection of the pope were invited. With an audience and acknowledged how the hard work journalists have done, never a bad idea. He a talked a little about how and why he chose the name francis. ♪ no questions were allowed. This was after all a papal audience, not a press conference. In brief remarks the pope said he chose the name francis because of his concern for the poor. the poor, the poor, he said. It was just one more sign that pope francis intends to be more accessible and more informal than past pontiffs. From the moment he said i will bealled francis, that was a signal and all the rest are very small but significant signals. Reporter: When he left his guest house the new pope paid his own bill. When he left the sistine chapel afr being elected pope he chose to ride in a minivan with other cardinals instead of in the papal limousine. Even his shoes, regular black one, not the expensive leather red shoes that pope francis favored. The new down to earth pontiff has been working the phones. He called a jesuit residence to thank the director for his congratulatory letter but the person who answered didn't believe it was the pope. Seriously, the pope said, it's pope francis. When he called a married couple, their 10-year-old son answered. Mom, dad, the boy called out, it's the pope. But the papal charm couldn't stop a swirling controversy.Sations that 30 plus years ago he failed to denounce the jailing and killing of thousands of political opponents of the military government that ruled his native argentina. The charges drew a forceful vatican denial. There has never been an accusation concrete or credible in his regard. Reporter: The vatican said the future pope actually protected many dissidents from persecution. What is very unlikely that controversy is going to go away any time soon but for now the pope, the new pope is enjoying an extraordinary honeymoon at the end of the event this morning, he got huge applause from this audience of journalists, also a null of people from the audience to come up for a blessing, among them a blind man there with his dog. The pope reached down and touched and petted the dog. Also our own phoebe mattenson our rome producer and longtime vatican follower had a chance to meet and speak very briefly with the new pope francis. Now, tomorrow we're expecting a large crowd in st. Peter's square as the brand-new pope francis holes his first angelus service and first public remarks since last wednesday night when he stood on the balcony and was announced as the new pope. Back to you, bianna. What a sight that was. Such a modest man. I love he had to convince people that was actually him calling on the phone. All right, ron, see you tomorrow. Thanks so much. And we'll have complete coverage of the installation of pope francis tuesday here on abc.

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{"id":18744549,"title":"Pope Francis' Meets the Media","duration":"3:39","description":"Ron Claiborne reports the latest news coming from the Vatican.","url":"/GMA/video/pope-francis-meets-media-18744549","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}