Trying out 3 popular re-sellers: Which gave us the most money?

"GMA" tried selling the same outfit to three popular re-sellers, including ThredUP, Tradesy and Beacon's Closet.
6:03 | 09/15/17

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Transcript for Trying out 3 popular re-sellers: Which gave us the most money?
All right, so we are now into our frugal fashionista series and this morning, we've got a resell revolution. Secondhand clothing sales skyrocketing, some of the fastest growing outlets are online and ABC's Paula Faris is here with all the details. I love these sites. I know you do. It is a revolution for you, Lara. Buying secondhand is a billion dollar business. There are projects within the next few years sales could amount to more than 30 billion. Now, consignment shops are popping up everywhere looking for castoffs. Who is selling it for top dollar? Whether it's the thrill of the hunt or chance to corps a one of a kind deal, secondhand shopping is more popular than ever. It's amazing how many products you can buy that's never been worn. And buyers can shop dozens of scheidts, brick and mortar resellers are expanding too. It's a green approach to shopping. Reporter: Danna is the executive style director at pop sugar. There is a market to be both a buyer and seller. In this way you're taking the stuff you're not using anyway and getting cash for it or credit to shop for more stuff. Reporter: With so many choices we wanted to see what we could make the most. So with her help we set up an experiment looking at three thing resellers. Threadup, tradesy and beacon's closet. I was looking for things in a woman's closet if we purchased three brand-new sets of classic items. Kate spade handbag for $179 and? Crew pumps for $160 and this little black dress from ZARA for 40 bucks. We'll send them in with the tags on, with the box in brand-new condition. We sent one set to threadup. One of the largest online measures for secondhand clothes. All we had to do was bag our clothes and mail them in. Next we posted another set on tradesy. You can do the entire experience on mobile. Reporter: This is a little more work. The app proms you to take lots of pictures and recommends list prices based in part on retail prices. And then we went to beacon's closet, a resale store that promised cash on the spot. 15 minutes later. They didn't take the dress but bought the shoes and they bought the purse and I got all of $25 beacon's payout is based on its policy of paying 30% of its sale price. As for threadup it took all three of our items and paid us $114.55. But it took nearly two months to process our bag and get paid. For tradesy it took us two months to tell our items, over time we dropped our asking price on the shoes and handbag but in the end tradesy came out on top in our experiment a total of $148.42 after fees. That's nearly six types more than what beacon's closet paid. Beacon's closet told us there is no waiting to receive cash or store credit. The same day when sellers come in W buy items outright on the spot. We are happy that the secondhand market is thriving. As for threadup they told us there are places you can earn more money but nowhere that's more convenient. The company has a new policy charging an optional $10 to process your bag within a week. Now, tradesy, the company that came out on top says sellers earn more while buyers pay less because of the company's low commissions and something else to keep in mind if you're selling experts say more country items will fetch you more money so don't hang on to things. I know you're talking about thredup. Throw everything in the bag and they do the work for you. Really wonderful sites. You're shopping right now. I'm shopping because I'm here with Whitney port joining us. Hi. I don't know if you remember, but, hello, celebrity stylist major influencer creator of the YouTube series "I love my baby." Congrats on your new baby, only 7 weeks old. Hard to leave him at home. Thank you for doing it for a really good cause. I know you have a special announcement for us in honor of our frugal fashionista segment. So I'm here with which is an amazing shop you can sell and shop on and I'm selling all these clothes from my closet and all the money is going to every mother counts and an amazing charity it's available now. Shop the collection now. The sale is on now. These deals are amazing but you'll also be surprised if you're a seller how much you can make. How much is sitting in your closet. You're selling 50 pieces all proceeds going to this cause. What does every mother counts do. So, every mother counts is an amazing charity that helps women who are pregnant or going into labor that don't have the resources they need to have healthy pregnancies or safe labors so really just helps them along. So bid high on pieces like this which I have already spotted. How are you able to give up this cute denim dress. I have to, postpregnancy body is not the same. Yes, it is. No, I mean hopefully it will be. But, no, this is a dress I wore to an event last year and I just love it. But it doesn't necessarily look the same on me as it once did. You're ready to part with it. I want someone else to take advantage of the cute shape of it. I immediately gravitated toward this piece. Sump a great dress. With boots. I am bidding on this. Go ahead, bid against me. We want to raise money? Tell me about the piece. How did you wear it. To my baby shower, and it transitions as a great wrap dress that goes for any silhouette really for any body shape. Including Lara Spencer's. I will be bidding. Actually -- The clothes off your back in yes. Whitney, thank you very much. My pleasure. We are in a time where we all need to give and give big. You have done just that and we really, really appreciate it. Check out trredup. GE

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{"id":49862136,"title":"Trying out 3 popular re-sellers: Which gave us the most money? ","duration":"6:03","description":"\"GMA\" tried selling the same outfit to three popular re-sellers, including ThredUP, Tradesy and Beacon's Closet. ","url":"/GMA/video/popular-sellers-gave-us-money-49862136","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}