Powerball Jackpot Increases to $600 Million

People across America are paying attention to the growing jackpot.
6:25 | 05/18/13

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Transcript for Powerball Jackpot Increases to $600 Million
Well, we'll turn now to the nationwide outbreak of lottery fever much the jackpot is climbing to $600 million and counting and abc's gio benitez is trying his luck. He's in brooklyn this morning covering this story. Gio, I want to remind you again I am your favorite colleague, correct? You did this before. I won't -- I'll make you proud, don't worry. We're at the perfect spot here because this is the shop where a $10 million ticket was sold just last year so I'm going to go ahead and buy some ticks because overnight there were two winning tickets for that mega millions lottery, 190 million bucks but now we're talking about $600 million for that powerball. There's a ticket. Also I hope. Reporter: This morning millionaire hopefuls all across the country are betting on six numbers. You got to be in it win it. Reporter: Here in new york city they're stopping at a shop in grand central station where a lucky player has won before. I bought one right now but this is not all because I bought another from another spot. Reporter: You're picking stores. This one had a winner back in april. That's why I'm here so hopefully it's good luck. Reporter: She'll need the luck. The chances of winning, 1 in 175 million. And if you win a powerball jackpot of at least $600 million, overnight you'll make 11 times more than what jennifer lopez made in a year and 33 times more than kim kardashian's annual pay. Good luck. Thank you. Reporter: At that grand central shop, one of the biggest lotteryailers around the nation, the clerks couldn't even keep track, but nationwide more than 385 million of those little slips of paper have been sold since wednesday night's drawing. How much do you think you've sold already today? I have no idea. Reporter: No idea. It's that much? For some the prize money is already spent. If only in their dreams. I mean, $600 million, what would you even do with that. I don't know. I could pay off some debts and perhaps put money aside for my kids' education. Reporter: You want to be responsible. This day and age you have to be. You don't have a choice. Reporter: A good guy. We got our tickets. I think these might be the winning ones. I got just enough for all of us but if there is no winner tonight, guess what, we might be looking at the very first billion dollar jackpot ever. Dan? Gio, let me remind you, you have the office next to mine here. If you cut me out it's going to get cold around here. Bear that in mind. Reporter: It's true and noisy. Exactly. Thanks for your reporting. We appreciate it. By the way there is a new wrinkle make the jackpot grow extra fast this time. Just last month the of california jumped on the powerball bandwagon. Before this people there really had to cross state lines to get involved. That has now changed in a big, big way and abc's john schriffen is in l.A. John, good morning to you. Reporter: Hey, dan, good morning. We are here at a 7-eleven considered one of the luckiest stores in the entire state because a multiple winning million dollar lotto ticket has been sold here but for other games, that's why so many are coming here to play powerball and win this jackpot that has grown so large, partly because california is now in the game. This ing, powerball tickets are spinning out in record numbers. As players take their shot at tonight's highest ever powerball jackpot. So are these the winning tickets? These are the winning tickets. Reporter: Everyone else can stop playing. California has only been playing the game for a nth. I think it's going to bring a lot of income into california and it's going to just kind of just be a better way to live. Reporter: Lottery officials say tonight's $600 million pot got so high, thanks in no small part to that surge of sales from the nation's most populous state. Once california joined the powerball family we helped change the dynamics of the game because of the mere size of the state and the number of players that we have. Reporter: Once california joined the list of 42 states plus the district of columbia playing powerball, it immediately skyrocketed to the stop three in ticket sales alongside florida, and new york. As for the players, they sure are generous. These are for the office. If you hit any of the numbers you'll sha everyone. Absolutely. Reporter: You heard it here, folks. Share with me, too. Definitely. Reporter: You heard that, as well. Got to love the people out here on the west coast. Now, just in case my new friend doesn't win, well, of course, had to buy my own just as backup. You know what, I do h faith in her. I think she's going to win. Dan and bianna, back to you. I hope you got her cell phone number. Take a look. Tonight's powerball jackpot stands at 600 million bucks, the biggest jackpot was last year last march I believe, the mega millions, 656 million bucks so here's the question. Will ticket sales today drive tonight's jackpot up even further? For answers let's go to chuck stratton, executive director of the state lottery association. Chuck, good morning. In usual beandale, iowa this morning. Good morning. Are you expecting to sell enough to drive the jackpot up significantly higher? Well, you know, once we hit a record at 600 million we thought maybe that's all we should say, but since mega millions got hit last night and sales are looking pretty good so far, so we're concerned we're just going to look silly if we don't raise it so we'll see if we can hit the world record. You are saying right here on our broadcast that you actually think you may at some point this morning push the jackpot higher right into the history books? Only if we're very comfortable, but, you know, sales are looking good so we'll wait and see what happens and hook at some numbers taut. Chuck, very quickly if there's not a winner tonight how big could it be come the next drawing? Well, you know it's a problem for us because most of the signs out there go to 999, so I'll just say -- I'll say it probably will be 999. Okay, could be a billion dollar drawing. Chuck strutt, we appreciate what you have to say later on the new size of that jackpot.

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{"id":19207642,"title":"Powerball Jackpot Increases to $600 Million","duration":"6:25","description":"People across America are paying attention to the growing jackpot.","url":"/GMA/video/powerball-jackpot-increases-600-million-19207642","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}