Study Links ADHD to Taking Acetaminophen During Pregnancy

Researchers say taking the painkiller while pregnant may increase the child's risk of having ADHD.
3:00 | 02/25/14

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Transcript for Study Links ADHD to Taking Acetaminophen During Pregnancy
With more on that and the latest on a new study raising concerns about taking acetaminophen during pregnancy, researchers say the popular painkiller in tylenol may increase their child's risk of having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or add. We'll bring in our chief medical editor Dr. Richard Besser with more on all this beginning with the children with polio-like symptoms. I mean whenever you see something like this, it's very worrisome and they'll look to see, is it just in California or are there any of these cases an the country? Usually what we'll find it's a common virus that most people have no problem with and for some reason a small group of people react this way. How concerned should we be? I think they need to jump all over it and figure out what's going on and see whether it's something common or rare. This new study, this other study that really raised a lot of eyebrows about women, pregnant women taking over-the-counter drugs like tylenol and add. Large study done in Denmark, more than 60,000 women and followed them for seven years. Over half of the women took tylenol during pregnancy, acetaminophen and 30% were more likely to have a child on add medication and raised the concern, is that the cause? It wasn't a controlled trial so how can you link -- They say it wasn't controlled and I think that's valid. They weren't able to see why did they take the drug? Maybe it was the illness itself that caused that link and they didn't look at any other medications that people were taking. So what should pregnant women do? You know, whenever you're pregnant and you're reaching for a medication you need to ask do I really need this? But fever is dangerous during pregnancy and aspirin and ibuprofen are quite dangerous so this is definitely the safest drug to take but check with your doctor. Thank you. We'll have you back later for

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Researchers say taking the painkiller while pregnant may increase the child's risk of having ADHD.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22661525","title":"Study Links ADHD to Taking Acetaminophen During Pregnancy","url":"/GMA/video/pregnancy-tylenol-warning-adhd-linked-taking-acetaminophen-pregnancy-22661525"}