Preparation and anticipation for total solar eclipse builds across the country

People across the country are prepping for the highly anticipated eclipse that will see the moon pass completely in front of the sun, casting a shadow nearly 70 miles wide across 14 states from Oregon to South Carolina.
4:48 | 08/21/17

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Transcript for Preparation and anticipation for total solar eclipse builds across the country
And just a few hours the moon will past completely in front of the sun. That event called totality casting a shadow about seventy miles wide the so called path of totality spanning fourteen states from or again. To Charleston, South Carolina where we find whirled news tonight anchor David Muir good morning to you David one of my favorite cities. It is a great city it's going to be a little dark here come later today don't even if you had a magic marker and you start an organ. It went right across the country down the South Carolina that is the pap that this total solar eclipse. We haven't seen it told solar eclipse here in the US since 1970 not but here's the really cool part this morning. We haven't seen when trouble from coast to coast in this country. In 99 years the skies will darken misty that corona around the sun but a few other things will happen to temperatures will drop about ten to twelve degrees. And watch the animals the birth get very confused. It's going to be a site. In city miles of cars billions of people descending upon small towns like mattress organ so many like ten year old Demeco. Eager to see the day turned into night. I did thing then again he really healthy kids and feed thirsty and say. And then as. The total solar eclipse happened somewhere on earth about twice every three years often in remote areas but this time the first one on the continental US in nearly four decades. This is an ABC news special. Live coverage of the solar eclipse date February 26 1979. At the news desk Frank Reynolds. Good morning this is indeed a special events broadcast of our genuine special event. The last total eclipse of the sun over the confidant this century. Onlookers back then peering through what was considered protective eyewear all eyes were on the sky merry hill Washington the heavens they're beginning to darkened. And that awesome site the moon blacking out the sky and meets later the light returning aiding the crowd. Not until August when he first Tony seventeen. Well another eclipse be visible from North America best 38 years from now. That day is come and here's how little work beginning around 10:15 Pacific the moon will move directly between the sun and the earth. Casting a massive shadow that will briefly dark in areas in fourteen states. Almost called the path of totality seventy miles wide and 3000 miles long. It'll take about one hour 33 minutes. And it'll be the first time in 99 years but a total solar eclipse will span the entire continental US. Not. Some hoping he spotted from the air. These passengers did on board in Alaska Airlines flight last year. Far out over the Pacific viewers along this line candy Illinois will experience the longest amount of darkness. Two minutes and forty point two seconds. How can still Kentucky dubbed eclipse bill we're going to be an underwater that's right scuba divers watching. We did fish. And these NASA pilots chasing the eclipse in two retrofitted bombers with telescopes mounted in the nose wheel doing the total darkness for about four minutes free care craft. Justice Frank Reynolds promised all those years ago will be here through it all. May have a shadow over the moon fall on a world of peace on ABC news of course. We'll bring you a complete report on that next eclipsed 38 years from now. And who knew we beat it once the filling frequent of promise all these years later but we are proud to be here. Within incredible team from ABC news meteorologist reports across this country this afternoon to witness it we've view. 1 PM eastern right here on ABC so your DVR kept up the work and Amy keep this in mind. The moon's shadow travels so fast across this country at speeds of 18100. Miles per hour on average it'll take about an hour in 33 minutes. To get from one end of the country's the other far faster than a commercial jetliner but will be there the way. And we will be watching David thanks so much and speaking of meteorologist with got ginger who is in Nashville. The largest city in the path of totality with more on how weather conditions will affect B a clips good morning to you. Enter. Good morning to you Amy this could end up being one of the most important forecasts of my life because all it takes is one clouded that obscures your view it here in that path of totality behind me. You see the hunky times they're out client now that would not be the case I want take you to the map as to what end and how this is gonna happen. Cloud cover wise right now if you see green on the map you are looking good as far as the eclipse does that's from parts of Oregon. Lot of that marine layer stays away in the morning. Link into Jefferson City those planes hit a little bit of storminess in some high clouds at least Nashville's look at that right now we might see some daytime heating clouds. A Charleston out of the hole map not looking as great.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"People across the country are prepping for the highly anticipated eclipse that will see the moon pass completely in front of the sun, casting a shadow nearly 70 miles wide across 14 states from Oregon to South Carolina.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49330671","title":"Preparation and anticipation for total solar eclipse builds across the country","url":"/GMA/video/preparation-anticipation-total-solar-eclipse-builds-country-49330671"}