Preparing a Dog for a New Baby

ABC's Dr. Besser discusses ways to get your dog ready to meet your new baby.
3:00 | 02/25/14

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Transcript for Preparing a Dog for a New Baby
daddy Simon Cowell who is not the only one adjusting to a new lifestyle. It seems he's gone to a top dog expert to help his pair of dogs adjust to having the little bundle of joy around. ABC's Reena ninan explains. Reporter: Before Simon Cowell welcomed his baby boy Eric earlier this month, he was a parent of a different kind to these two cuddly guys, squiddly and ddley cozying up to Eric in Miami. The health is crawling with cute home videos of canine kids meeting their human counterparts. This excited chihuahua offering his new baby sister a dog toy and this adorable duo took the internet by storm when pictures of their nap time cuddles went viral. So how can you ensure it's puppy love at first sight for your furry friend and new bundle of joy? Look no further than Edward olava, owner of the dog store in New York City. His a-lit clientele includes Samele Cowell, Cesar Millan and Sonia Morgan. His specialty, helping pet owners introduce their furry firstborn to their newborn. When I'm a newborn I'm worried about overnight feedings, changing diapers but the dog. How the baby will react -- All kinds of commotion in the house. Good idea to get the dog involved. Getting them groomed extra. Reporter: To avoid sibling rivalry try this commonsense tactic. Bring the baby's blanket and put it inside the dog's bed to smell the scent. Always good for the dogs to know what's happening or about to arrive. Reporter: That's what Adam and Mary did when their son Robinson met their yorkie Lexington. For the first 30 minutes he was confused and heard squeaks and cries and kind of growled and barked and after we had gotten him closer and picked up on the scent he really calmed down. Reporter: But alava's biggest piece of advice. Remember he was there first. Make it fun for your dog. Reporter: Proof that man's best friend can be babies, as well. For "Good morning America," Reena ninan, ABC news, New York. We are all dog lovers here. You know that and including rich Besser. Got two pooches at home. I do. Okay, doc, tell us. Good suggestions what we can do. I'm a pediatrician. I always ask parents who are expecting about this. Do they have a pet and what are they going to do? You have to plan ahead. If your dog hasn't had obedience training, you want to make sure they've had that training so they'll listen to you some and you want to plan that introduction and think about bringing home something from the hospital. We did that from the hospital. Both babies, their little cap they wore for the first day. We brought it home first. Lets them get used to that smell and that's really good. The dogs like them fine but the girls didn't like the dogs. Well, you can see that. Yeah. You can see that in that direction. How about when you actually introduce them? Well, you want it to set up as a positive experience so you want it to be calm, quiet room, have the dog come in. You want to -- it's like parenting, you want to praise the positive behavior so if the dog is in and is calm, give them a good dog kind of thing and you have to set limits so that if there's any aggressive behavior that's a definite no. You know, it depends on breeds. I love kj, you all know that. Jack Russell terrier. When she's around kids, they think she's younger and pull her tail. A breed that's known for being good with kids, you have to be careful. Different dogs have different temperaments. Also I have two big labs, when they show love that's a lot of dog showing love and it can be overwhelming for a little -- if one important point. I worry as the kids get older because then when they can move around, they'll do a tug on a dog and the dog isn't used to it. That's where you can see those reactions so never leave them alone. Training for everybody. All the way around. Never leave them alone.

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{"id":22664645,"title":"Preparing a Dog for a New Baby","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Dr. Besser discusses ways to get your dog ready to meet your new baby.","url":"/GMA/video/preparing-dog-baby-22664645","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}