President Obama Continues Charm Offensive Over Budget Issues

George Stephanopoulos tracks the latest news from Washington.
2:19 | 03/10/13

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Transcript for President Obama Continues Charm Offensive Over Budget Issues
Back home, the president willing lunching on capitol hill as part of a major charm offensive aimed at finding a resolution to those budget cuts that go by the weird name of sequester. The big question is will it rk? Let's go to george stephanopoulos host of abc's "this week" for answers. Good morning. So, george, what do you make of the change in strategy on the president's part going from not communicating with republican leaders at all to wining and dining them. We'll see. It'll take some time motivated by two thing, the outside game at least in short term wasn't working for the president. Trying to raise all these alarms about the sequester but it didn't seem to be taking hold because people haven't felt it yet and number two now that the sequester actually has kicked in, there's no other option but to try to build these relationships and see what can come of it but right now you have the republican leadership and the president at odds over the issue of whether taxes can be part of any grand bargain. That could possibly only change as we get through the summer, as we see the effectsse spending kits and as they approach the next big dead open line. Always a deadline or cliff coming. This one is over the debt limit again, the nation runs out of its borrowing authorities sometime in summer. That could be the forcing mechanism. Governments by cliff. Overnight another report ashley judd, movie star turnmay jump into the race to face mitch McCONNELL. Could she win? She's definitely looking at it. No question about that. They're saying if she decides to run she'll announce it around the date of the kentucky derby. The difficulties for her she doesn't live in kentucky where she's going to run. But republicans are taking this very seriously. They have already run ads against ashley judd in kentucky pointing out she doesn't live there. Taking things she said in the past that might not appeal to kentucky voters and take her seriously and know any long-term incumbent right now faces the threat of defeat. She's an outsider. That's for sure so she's taking a hard look at it. Republicans are taking a hard look too. We'll know in the next few weeks. We've seen that transition before. Interestin watch. Thanks, george. Very familiar name on george's show, former florida governor and possible republican presidential candidate jeb bush will be his guest coming up on "this week" later this morning.

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{"id":18696003,"title":"President Obama Continues Charm Offensive Over Budget Issues","duration":"2:19","description":"George Stephanopoulos tracks the latest news from Washington.","url":"/GMA/video/president-obama-continues-charm-offensive-budget-issues-18696003","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}