President Obama Tells Heckler 'You're in My House'

An uncomfortable scene unfolded at the White House when the president was heckled during an event.
2:00 | 06/25/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Obama Tells Heckler 'You're in My House'
We'll move to that strange and uncomfortable moment at the white house. That scene president Obama heckled while speaking during an event he was hosting and ABC's Jon Karl is at the white house and, Jon, the president seemed to be drawing the line at being interrupted in his own home. Reporter: You don't often see the president getting heckled right here at the white house but that is exactly what happened at a reception here last night. The protester was protesting the deportation of transgender undocumented immigrants and as you can see, she really irritated the president. Yeah. Listen, you're in my house. You're not going to get a good response from me by interrupting me like this. Shame on you. Can we escort this person out? You know, my attitude is if you're eating the hors d'oeuv d'oeuvres, you know what I'm saying? I do. Okay. And drinking the booze. I know that's right. Reporter: And by the way, David, did speak to the heckler afterwards and told us she did have some of that white house food and she did drink some of that white house champagne before heckling the president. When you're invited for hors d'oeuvre and a few drinks you might want to save the heckling till later. When the president was allowed to talk without interruption he talked about the supreme court. Two major decisions coming. Same-sex marriage and obamacare. These could have potentially huge implications. Reporter: Huge implication, David. In fact, these may end up being the two biggest supreme court decisions of the entire Obama presidency. You could see same-sex marriage established as a constitutional right and there's a potential you could see obamacare basically destroyed by the elimination of those subsidies that help people buy insurance through obamacare. Those digs we are told from the supreme court will come down either today, tomorrow or Monday. Jon, we know you're standing by for that as we are all standing by. Anxious to see what they will be, David.

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{"duration":"2:00","description":"An uncomfortable scene unfolded at the White House when the president was heckled during an event.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32017084","title":"President Obama Tells Heckler 'You're in My House'","url":"/GMA/video/president-obama-tells-heckler-youre-house-32017084"}