President Obama's 2nd Inauguration: Hundreds of Thousands to Attend

David Kerley, George Stephanopoulos have the latest news from Washington.
6:10 | 01/20/13

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Transcript for President Obama's 2nd Inauguration: Hundreds of Thousands to Attend
We'll turn now to the countdown to president obama's second inauguration. Tomorrow hundreds of thousands of people will watch the president take the oath of office on the steps of the capital but today he'll be sworn in officially at a private ceremony in the white house and david kerley joins us from washington. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. Washington's already filling up with visitors to see him take the oath and actually have a little fun and party. ♪ Yeah ♪ Reporter: For some lucky kids -- the party started last night. ♪ Yeah, yeah ♪ Reporter: The kids' inaugural balance had some of the kids from "glee" and katy perry. Later today as mandated on january 20th the president will take the oath before noon. But that will be in the white house. Then tomorrow on the steps of the capitol -- I barack hussein obama -- Reporter: Martin luther king's birth dap will take it again honoring king and his favorite president abraham lincoln. Fate of human dignity in our hands, now, now, now. Reporter: Mr. Obama will place his hand on two bibles, one that king used, one that lincoln used. ♪ then it's the parade. The route has been secured. The floats are ready to roll down pennsylvania avenue ♪ this girl is on fire ♪ Reporter: While there will only be two inaugural balls they are star studded. Alich gentleman keyes, brad paisley and jennifer hudson. ♪ But you never -- before all the pomp and parties, the president took part again in what he calls the national day of service. This inauguration should also be an affirmation that we're all in this together. Reporter: So the first family grabbed paint brushes at a local elementary school. Already the people's lawn is seeing plenty of visitors. We love president obama. Whoo! Reporter: I got to tell you there were a lot of phobes out last night already having a good time. They've got a couple more nights to go here in washington waugh. The official ceremony is actually starting in just another hour or so and the vice president will take his oath at the naval observatory where he lives rather just as sotomayor excuse me, will deliver that to the vice president. Just to make clear you only heard reports of people partying. This is not something you witnessed firsthand. I had to get up really early, so, no, I wasn't walking the streets with friends in town to see the inauguration, no, not at all. Viciously detailed. David kerley, thank you very much. We appreciate it. Beautiful day there in washington. It's usually one day of pomp and celebration before they fight again. To george stephanopoulos in washington, d.C. To host "this week" and anchor our live abc news coverage of the inauguration. George, good morning to you. Hey, guys. The president has a huge agenda for his second term. One of the big things on the agenda is, of course, gun control. Across america on saturday we saw these pro-gun rallies. Just really one sign of the amount of resistance this president will face in many parts of his agenda. The question is how much is he likely able to get done in the sem with lame duck status looming? And you have to do it fast only 18 34079ss to get something done in the second term. Remember, before newtown in december, gun control wasn't even at the center of the president's agenda for the second term. Now he promised with the full weight of his office behind those measures but uphill fight in congress, dan. You have a lot of democratic senators already resisting the president's plans, almost certain that the assault weapon ban that the president is calling for will not pass the congress. What they're hoping for, though, is that they can get some consensus coalesced around at least this idea that there should be universal background checks but even that will be difficult and as I said at the top speed matters here much the president's power starts to slip away with every month that goes by in a second term and there's so much to do. George, there's so much do. He still faces anesolved fiscal situation and looks like republicans may be extending the debt ceiling by a few months but still has major budget cuts to deal with this spring. Do you see his relationship with republicroving at all as they try to fix this crisis? It is going to be a real confrontation, the republicans did blink. That's exactly right, bianna and said they don't want this over the debt limit that was supposed to hit in february and extend it, as he said, probably until april. The president will sign that which gives them a space to try to come up again with some kind of big budget deal before those across the board budget cuts hit in march and the government is set to shut down at the end of march. There is no question that these big fiscal issues, taxes and spending will define the first quarter of the president's second term. George, talk about this term, the second term curse. We -- reagan had iran-contra, nixon had watergate. Clinton had monica lewinsky. Why is it that they tend to go sour. Lyndon jonls had to resign before he ran because of vietnam. Ever since roosevelt and the amendment that limited his terms, presidents tend to run out of steam and maybe even get tripped up by scandal in these second terms. I think it's kind of a natural reaction to the fact that power is moving on beyond these presidents because, in fact, they are lame ducks. The obama white house has studied this very, very closely. They know the perils of the second term. They think they can avoid the worst pitfalls, first of all, they are saying there's no scandals on the horizon but believe they can avoid the worst by having a focused agenda and moving fast. We'll see if they can. George, thank you very much. George will have a special inauguration edition of "this week" this morning. White house sneen yore adviser david plouffe and eva longoria. We'll be live tomorrow beginning at 7:00 a.M. With george and josh elliott co-anchoring a special edition of "good morning america" from washington.

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{"id":18263144,"title":"President Obama's 2nd Inauguration: Hundreds of Thousands to Attend","duration":"6:10","description":"David Kerley, George Stephanopoulos have the latest news from Washington.","url":"/GMA/video/president-obamas-2nd-inauguration-hundreds-thousands-attend-18263144","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}