President Obama's 2nd Term Agenda to Tackle Immigration Reform

Martha Raddatz discusses the latest news from Washington.
2:20 | 01/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Obama's 2nd Term Agenda to Tackle Immigration Reform
Now to pnt obama who is a man with a super ambitious agenda for his second term and not a lot of time to get it done. Abc's martha raddatz in washington guest hosting "this week." Martha, good morning. Good morning, dan. Hey, good morning, martha. Great to see you. One of the priorities the president has on his agenda, immigration reform taking it up on tuesday. Can he get this done? We'll have to see. We've also got it bipartisan group of senators coming up with a plan as well and they will probably present that plan this week. We' we'll be talking to senator john McCAIN, SENATOR BOB MENENDEZ. They're working together on this plan. Whether president obama detracts from the plan by going out on the road going to nevada tuesday we'll ask him about that as well. Interesting theory by just being associated with the plan it could drive some people away from the plan in congress. Complicated dynamic. Let's talk about this extraordinary interview, the joint under view, the first time it's happened with president hillary clinton sitting down talking to "60 minutes." It airs tonight. I wonder is there talk in washington this isn't in some ways president obama picking favorites in the race to replace him in 2016 because joe biden is also talking about maybe running. Reporter: That's right and, you know, joe biden isn't sitting right next to the president in that interview. I don't think president obama has ever done an interview sitting next to anybody but his wife. So you bet there's a lot of talk about that and we'll talk to our powerhouse roundtable about that. You heard hillary clinton say that this is a surprise, who would have thought four years ago they would be sitting together and being so close. Very interesting. Also this week hearings, confirmation hearings for the president's defense choice, defense secretary choice, chuck hagel begin. At times this seemed to vary. What are the odds this is actually going to go through? Reporter: I think the chances are very good it'll go through. He's had a series of meetings INCLUDES WITH senator McCain trying to work out differences, trying to basically say what they want to hear, I think, and explain his positions further, they had some controversy over israel, over iran. WE'LL ASK senator McCain about that this morning and whether he would now vote for chuck hagel. Martha, thank you. Martha has a big show, senators SENATOR john McCain and robert menendez, as she said plus as she said the powerhouse roundtable all coming up later this morning with martha raddatz on "this week."

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{"id":18327781,"title":"President Obama's 2nd Term Agenda to Tackle Immigration Reform","duration":"2:20","description":"Martha Raddatz discusses the latest news from Washington.","url":"/GMA/video/president-obamas-2nd-term-agenda-tackle-immigration-reform-18327781","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}