President Reagan Shooter John Hinckley Jr. to Be Released, Judge Orders

The "GMA" team and insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
6:38 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for President Reagan Shooter John Hinckley Jr. to Be Released, Judge Orders
Time now for our big board and our team of insiders standing by with more on today's top stories. Our chief legal analyst Dan Abrams is here at the desk with us for our first story and, Dan, John hinckley Jr., the man who tried to assassinate president Reagan in '81 being released from a government psychiatric hospital. A federal judge ruling he no longer poses any risk. A lot of mixed reaction specifically from the Reagan family. Michael tweeting out his father forgave him. Maybe we should do the same. Patti not feeling the same. Just because you forgive someone doesn't mean you should let them loose. What was the legal basis? He was found not guilty by reason of insanity. People don't want to talk about that. Not guilty. How does someone become uninsane. When you're found not guilty by reason of insanity, the goal is to cure you. Make you better. It's not to punish you. You're not being held to be punished. You're being held so that you can get better. Another thing that we're not talking about is the fact that very often hinckley's already been out for 17 days in a month. So it's not new that he's going to be out. But what is new is that he could be out completely and this is a lot based on the doctors. When you're found not guilty by reason of insanity a lot of your future rests on whether the doctors say this person is a threat, not a threat, et cetera. Now, even though he is released is he released without restrictions. No, a lot of restrictions. A lot of restrictions, for example, he's not allowed to get in touch with the news media. He can't get in touch with the Reagan family. Has to stay a certain distance from his house and has to live with his mother for the first year and get a job, check in. The secret service has to know where he is so the judge trying to impose a lot of restrictions here but to some degree at some point you probably are going to have to let him go because he was found not guilty. You can think that that decision was terrible and wrong, but that was the decision. All right. Wow, all right, thank you, Dan. We'll need you for the rest of the show -- the rest of this segment and payback for poor reviews on yelp. A Manhattan dentist is suing his own patients for defamation saying they hurt his future business by posting negative comments like one that said an absurdly long wait. Becky Worley is here, our tech expert. I have a good question for you. Is this a case of revenge for the negative reviews? Yeah, guys, this dentist has sued his own patients five separate times. He's of course aed for damages from 50 to $100,000 from these patients. But what is interesting to me yelp's response. They slapped a banner on the dentist yelp listing, warning customers he's prone to threatening lawsuits. I mean yelp says they're only doing that on a handful of listings but the threat of being sued, they say, really inhibits the power of their crowd source reviews. I go on all the time to look to see what people are saying about anyone I go to visit especially if it's someone I haven't met before. Here's what the dentist is saying. He's saying when a claim is made that is simply not true he feels he must set the record straight, negative reviews obviously could be hard for someone to navigate their business when they get them but is there any merit to what this dentist is saying? Yeah, and this is a bit of a he said/she said or maybe in this case more they said he sued. Some serious complaints of problems with the diagnosis overbilling, others more trivial. You mentioned an hour alone in the waiting room when the doc was running late. I have small children. That sounds amazing to be to be alone for an hour but, come on, it's yelp. Consumers know you only read the three-star reviews, ignore the highs and lows and most business owners take what I call the Elsa approach, let it go. But, hey, you got a lawyer sitting right there. I mean, Dan, this is free speech, right? People still have to be careful. There's a difference between opinion and fact. You can say this person is the worst as much as you want. You can say I'd never ever go back as much as you want. When you start stating facts, I waited this amount of time, person didn't diagnose me, et cetera, those are things where you can get sued by someone because if it's false, then you could be in legal trouble. I don't think anybody thinks about that. You post your opinion. But opinion is okay. Opinions are okay. Dan, Becky, thank you for that. A parenting alert. Nearly 70% of kids are quitting youth sports by age 13 and now a new article is raising the question, are pushy parents to blame? Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, clinical psychologist joins us now with the latest. Dr. Lombardo, you know, I had a football camp and parents would be on the sidelines screaming at their kids thinking everybody would be a pro and they were 7 years old. Should pushy parts possibly be sidelined from the games? Well, you know, I think we do even better to coach our parents how to help their children get more out of the game. Not more playing time, but focusing on things like team dynamic, working with others, camaraderie. These are skills that will benefit our children for the rest of their lives. Yeah, and you know we all know self-awareness is hard to actually put into practice so how do parents know when they're being pushy? Are there warning signs you can say have a self-check basically. Yes, there are and here's the deal. We're all parents, so let's ask ourselves, do any of you engage in these? First, is the coach always your most recent call? What do you think? Michael? Nope, not me. Not for me. Good. Good. Second warning sign, does your anxiety increase the closer you get to the game? Nope. Not me. My kids are in trouble, I guess. Helicopter parent. Here's the third one, do you coach the coach? Do you provide the coach with feedback on how he or she should do their job. If Strahan isn't doing that -- I learn because I learned from watching other parents do it. I just think that sports, it's about teamwork. It's about camaraderie. Work hard, work together and if you push your kids in sports hopefully you push them in the education side as well because that goes further. Basically the tip is be like Mike. Mike played one year in high school. I talk about myself in third person. I played one year in high school so I'm a plalate bloomer and it shows. I couldn't be a coach of Michael Strahan's kids. Be a little nervous as a coach. Be out there. I did give a few looks to the coach. All right. We want to say thank you to Dr. Lombardo, Becky and Dan.

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{"duration":"6:38","description":"The \"GMA\" team and insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"40953683","title":"President Reagan Shooter John Hinckley Jr. to Be Released, Judge Orders","url":"/GMA/video/president-reagan-shooter-john-hinckley-jr-released-judge-40953683"}