President Trump returns to US after trip to France

Questions continue to swirl regarding Trump Jr.'s meeting with Russian attorney.
5:02 | 07/15/17

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Transcript for President Trump returns to US after trip to France
Politics and president trump returning to the U.S. He gave a very lengthy handshake to French president Emmanuel macron. 28 seconds, by the way, calling the u.s./france alliance stronger than ever. They're still shaking hands this morning. An unusual alliance. The president back home at his estate in New Jersey dealing with new questions about his son's meeting with that Russian attorney. We're not learning about a growing list of other people who were also in that room. Meantime, vice president Mike pence is meeting with governors around the country promoting the revised health care bill which appears to be hanging by a thread right now age ABC's David Wright is this bedminster, new Jersey, this morning. David, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, Paula and Dan, you know, the president is hope fog are a triumphant weekend here in bedminster, fresh from that trip to France. He arrives back just in time for some of the best golfers in the world to play at his club, the U.S. Open women's tournament. But his administration is bogged down in the rough over the Russia investigation. As the president stepped off air force one from Paris, and returned to his clubhouse in new Jersey, his presence in bedminster isn't the only thing that threatens to upstage the golf. New questions are mounting over his son don junior's meeting last year with Russians. My son is a wonderful young man. He took a meeting with a Russian lawyer, not a government lawyer but a Russian lawyer. Reporter: It it turns out it wasn't just that one Russian lawyer, Natalia veselnitskaya, that don junior and other top campaign aides met with. I'm more than happy to be transparent about it and more than happy to cooperate with everyone. As far as you know this is everything? Reporter: We've seen learned the meeting includesry inat ak metshin. Once accused of being a soviet counterintelligence officer but who insisted to the associated press he was not trained as a spy. He and a translator sitting down at that meeting with don junior, Jared Kushner and campaign chair Paul manafort as well as veselnitskaya. Akhmetshin denies having any ties. He and veselnitskaya both insist they were not doing the Kremlin's bidding. But the growing list of attendees will certainly be of interest to the various investigators looking into any and all interactions between the trump campaign and Russian interests. Former campaign adviser Michael Caputo testified Friday before the house intelligence committee. I had no contact with Russians and I never heard of anyone in the trump campaign talking with Russians. Irnever heard the word Russia and we did not use Russian dressing. Reporter: It is the changing story as much as anything that raises some serious red flags and that's one big reason why lawmakers on capitol hill want don junior to come and testify. Dan, Paula. That would be quite a moment. All right, David, thank you for your reporting from New Jersey this morning. We want to check in with Matthew dowd who joins us from Austin, Texas. Good morning, Matt. Good morning. So, you know, Russia -- He's just taking in the word guru. I am taking in the word and also thinking of all those analogies used on the golf thing in the previous thing. That was very good. Beautiful. Let's see if you can top that. We believe in you. You can top that, Matt, so back to Russia continues to be a slow drip and it's infuriating the president and saw dblg this week releasing e-mails in a move of transparency but how much different do you think things could be if the administration were able to just get in front of this story? Well, it was transparency at the point of a "New York Times" gun. He was forced to be transparent. This is a series of to use an analogy like "Mission: Impossible" meets "Rocky and bull winking." Unbelievable the number of unforced errors and almost like they read a book about bad ideas. And every single thing they've done caused it to be worse and I think it will only unravel more in the days and week as head. The other issue facing the president, there's this huge push on as you know to pass the revised health care bill in the senate. Already two Republican senators who have said, no, they're not going to support it. They cannot afford to lose anybody else. So in sum what are the odds of this thing actually passing? I think -- I think they're exceedingly low. The meetings they've had with the governors, the only way to get it across the finish line if a series of governors stood up and said we need to have this done but I would predict one thing if one more person goes then ten people will go. As soon as they cross the line and there's enough senators to say they're not doing it I think you'll see a whole bunch of other senators quickly follow suit thereafter. Matt dowd, our guru. Next time we expect to see you in robes. We appreciate it. Thank you. Take care.

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{"id":48655317,"title":"President Trump returns to US after trip to France","duration":"5:02","description":"Questions continue to swirl regarding Trump Jr.'s meeting with Russian attorney.","url":"/GMA/video/president-trump-returns-us-trip-france-48655317","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}