'Pretty Little Liars' Star Gives Sneak Peek at Season Finale

Troian Bellisario discusses the highly anticipated conclusion of the hit ABC Family show.
3:19 | 03/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Pretty Little Liars' Star Gives Sneak Peek at Season Finale
do you remember when you were in the lighthouse, emily? You had to make that choice? It was either him or you? I wasn't as strong as you were. When I saw toby in theed w woods like that, I just gave up. So what changed? To make you back to yourself? I decided I didn't want to be a victim anymore. A sneak peek at the finale of "pretty little liars" over 1 million followers on twitter. They've been waiting all day. A show about four teens getting threatening letters from a mice t -- mysterious figure, "a." One of the show's stars joins us. Good morning. Good morning. Will we be shocked by this episode? There's going to be a lot. We know spencer is working with the "a" team, working with mona. This season finale will reveal a lot of the inner workings of the "a" team. Who is on it who is not. They took over before last year. Now they're lined deep outside. Speaking of revealing things, will you play two truths and a lie with us? It's one of our favorites. She's going to tell us three things about herself, studio audience, you decide which is the lie. Thus we begin. I did any first sky dive from 18,000 feet. One leweek later, I went bungee jumping from 500 feet. Spencer seems conservative. I have four well-hidden tattoos. And number three. I was obsessed with "titanic" as a kid. I watched it 22 times. Over 71 hours of my life. Number one? The bungee jumping and the sky diving? The four tattoos. Number three, the titanic. Who thinks that's the lie? I think the titanic. I think the four tattoos is a lie. I'm going four tattoos. And the answer is -- I am that obsessed with titanic. I thamt crazy of a person. And I only have one tattoo. Yes! Yes! Well done, well done. Wow. I want to ask, troiann. You have a lot dom coming up. Tell us about upcoming projects. Thanks, I got to go back and shoot more of a web series I was a part of called lauren. It will come back mid april. And a project close to my heart. And I have a film getting released on itunes and netflix video on demand. The sooeason finale. Tomorrow, the season finally

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{"id":18754662,"title":"'Pretty Little Liars' Star Gives Sneak Peek at Season Finale","duration":"3:19","description":"Troian Bellisario discusses the highly anticipated conclusion of the hit ABC Family show.","url":"/GMA/video/pretty-liars-star-troian-bellisario-sneak-peek-season-18754662","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}