Preview James Gandolfini's Last Leading Role

"The Sopranos" star filmed the comedy "Enough Said" before his death in June 2013.
2:19 | 09/13/13

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Transcript for Preview James Gandolfini's Last Leading Role
James gandolfini's last leading role. The "sopranos" star, finds love in middle age. It's called "enough said." We have a sneak peek that has a dedication that reads, for jim. In an exclusive first look. We go behind the scenes of the new romantic comedy, "enough said," starring julia louis-dreyfus, as eva. A soon-to-be empty-nester. I am tough. Reporter: Who embarks on a blossoms romance, with fellow divorcee, albert, played by the late, great james gandolfini. One of his last roles. My ex-wife, she put it in a flowly box. Reporter: The film looking at mid life relationships and the hiccups that can surface along the way. But my personal war and peace. Reporter: Gandolfini's role of albert, is a departure of his mob boss days. He's not that guy at all. He's a dear, thoughtful, sweet, compassionate, mild-mannered person. It's stupid. They don't know it. Reporter: The film's director calls gandolfini's turn on screen unforgettable. They're adorable together. The size disparity is really kind of charming, too. He's like a bear. And he gets to hold her with his hand. Reporter: That softer size. A classic. Reporter: Something gandolfini's fans will relish forever. Really? Reporter: Scenes from a beloved talent. Want to kiss? Reporter: Lost far too soon. Yeah. Reporter: That hits theaters. Julia louis-dreyfus will talk about making the film with her dear friend james gandolfini monday. Here, sharon osbourne, is talking book, career, family.

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{"id":20247226,"title":"Preview James Gandolfini's Last Leading Role ","duration":"2:19","description":"\"The Sopranos\" star filmed the comedy \"Enough Said\" before his death in June 2013.","url":"/GMA/video/preview-james-gandolfinis-leading-role-20247226","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}