Prince Harry's Many Talents: DJing, News-Reading

William, Kate and Harry had some fun at a Warner Bros. studio opening.
1:49 | 04/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prince Harry's Many Talents: DJing, News-Reading
The young royals are out in force this morning. But it's harry who has been grabbing all the headlines in the last 24 hours. Trying out a few, new, well, career choices. Abc's lama hasan has that story for us. Reporter: This morning, the royal trio out together, officially opening the multimillion-dollar warner brothers studios. Giving it the royal seal of approval. A real boys with toys day out. William getting in on the action, riding the batbike. Revving up the engine. And then, the bat mobile, amusing harry. As for harry, for one, prince harry isn't in the headlines. He's reading the headlines, while on a recent charity visit. Sitting in as co-anchor on this college news program, "lunchtime news." Our very special guest presenter, prince harry. Thank you. Top story today has been announced that jay burke had become the first music ambassador. Reporter: Even trying his hand as a deejay. ♪ all the mothers say -- and the mothers will be saying, don't let him near the children. Reporter: With will and kate getting ready for baby, he's perfecting his uncle-to-be skills. This as the charmer plans a trip to the south pole, supporting his charity, walking with the wounded. Better stick to the day job, harry. The harry potter studios are closed to the public today. As part of the tour, the royal trio, or the royal muggles will be joined by 500 kids and their families, as they learn how to wave a magic wand and get a special effects demonstration. But the question is, who is going to wear the invisibility cloak? That is a question, lama. Have a great weekend.

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{"id":19048762,"title":"Prince Harry's Many Talents: DJing, News-Reading","duration":"1:49","description":"William, Kate and Harry had some fun at a Warner Bros. studio opening.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-harry-reads-news-join-kate-warner-bros-19048762","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}