Princess Diana's Dresses Up for Auction

A special auction is the biggest sale ever put together of Diana's gowns.
2:09 | 03/19/13

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Transcript for Princess Diana's Dresses Up for Auction
Now to a special auction of some of the most famous dresses in the world. All the belonging to Princess Diana. If the biggest sale ever put together her -- and ABC's llama Hasan got a close up look. They're ready dresses that helped catapult Diana -- a global icon. Like this midnight -- one award for her unforgettable turn on the adults floor when John Travolta did. -- and expand -- fund consist -- thrilled with it and she said that. Excuse me -- I just needs attention hasn't -- -- stocks that reminds Jackson came and state separate tunnels came in and hugged him. And equipment home. The stunning collection of ten down charts her head -- song from mid eighteenth in the late nineties. Each single dress attending a different story Diane -- -- -- Points in his life and she's suffering from -- to Exelixis. This -- very sweet to a tracks it really shows the contrast between the Diana the young the young woman this is Jenny she made in her life team. The very we go approves tax that we came to and. Then there's this green velvet number which may hide a little secret. It's very simple playing tracks but -- -- what looks like little. Like little child's hungry and test on Scott on hand I'm these -- -- been cleaned since. Diana -- with them. A they have that obsolete in the same condition as they were settled in 1990 -- even you can see in the hunt -- Say many people have surmised it was and it took place his hands and saying that day I got my mailing need to stay king if -- send up. So it's. It's quite amazing -- auction is expected to -- one point two million dollars. For a private hangar in the US involving if you're interested in not midnight -- down the one they cool the John Travolta dress went it is expected to sell. For 600000. Dollars some would say that's a bargain. On the skull yeah. Street -- Got a couple months way they can. -- about it -- -- --

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{"id":18762225,"title":"Princess Diana's Dresses Up for Auction","duration":"2:09","description":"A special auction is the biggest sale ever put together of Diana's gowns.","url":"/GMA/video/princess-diana-dress-auction-2013-largest-sale-dianas-18762225","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}