Princess Kate Wears First Royal Tiara Since 2011 Wedding

Lara Spencer reveals the top stories that have people buzzing this week.
3:00 | 12/04/13

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Transcript for Princess Kate Wears First Royal Tiara Since 2011 Wedding
The news that pops, as samuel coined it. We begin this morning with a little royal news. A shining moment for princess kate last night. Glamorous buckingham palace reception hosted by the queen. And kate was wearing a diamond tiara. This is the first time she wore one since the royal wedding in 2011. The headpiece was once worn by the late queen mother, dating BACK AS FAR AS THE 1920s. That was her. That picture you saw pop up wasn't there to alarm you in any way. It was a look back. There you go. As we're doing today. She looks lovely. She is beautiful. And so is sam. A question for you all. What does singer/song writer legend have in common with the knicks? Three words. Madison square garden. The piano man has agreed to become the garden's first-ever franchise. Meaning, he will perform a show there every, single month, as long as the audience demands, which they do. The first four shows are already sold out. So, once a month, he'll do a show. It's like his little vegas. At the garden? Yeah. You can't get enough of the piano man. Nope. As you all know by now, it is a very emotional day for all of us. But in "pop news," as we say good-bye to sam, to support and embrace all of the news that pops, no matter how obscure. Here's a look at one of sam's favorite "pop news" stories ever. I it -- it's also a great example of what we will all miss most, the laugh. It's time for the annual gravy world championships. What? What's that? You never heard of them? No. You're in for a treat. Okay. This year's gravy gathering attracted 15,000 fans to the town of lancashire. Sam? Do you need cpr? Can you go on? And now, as we all know, sam is moving on to a place with lots of bells and whistles and radars. But I have a clip that proves THAT YOU ARE LIKE the MacGyver of weather, sam. No, no. Yes. No. You, sam, have a big imagination. I don't know how that works. But that's what I've been told. But imagine this. Okay. Here's the eastern shoreline right here. Dana, you're my west coast. You're a little showery up north. But nice and dry down south. Just so you know. Lara? Oh, no. No. I can't watch that. Everybody was on the desk going -- what? YOU ARE the MacGyver of weather. In case that moment flew by you the first time. Sam, you had no clue. Had no clue. That was better the second time. And as you all know, sam's always been there for me, when "pop news" required some sort of demonstration. Modeling as sam only knows how. The tv model that he is. I thought it was fitting that on your last day, these are some of the examples how far you will go for the news that pops. Today, I've been waiting to do this story. It's a christmas present. It seems right. I know you like the onesie. This is one of the hot items for this year. It's called the twinsie. This is a onesie for your friend, that you can't stand to get away from. I can't put the whole thing on. Yes, you can. And you will. Sam. How are you doing? I'm all right. These are available online. They are $80. Or we could split it and pay $40. 40 apiece. This is nice. What's nice about it is the shared body warmth. Walk with me. Bye, guys.

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{"id":21092877,"title":"Princess Kate Wears First Royal Tiara Since 2011 Wedding","duration":"3:00","description":"Lara Spencer reveals the top stories that have people buzzing this week. ","url":"/GMA/video/princess-kate-wears-royal-tiara-2011-wedding-21092877","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}