Principal's Violent 'Terminator 2' Parody Under Fire

A new principal's video introduction to students has created a storm.
2:02 | 01/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Principal's Violent 'Terminator 2' Parody Under Fire
Now, to the controversy that is brewing at a high school in massachusetts. A new principal there is under fire for filming a terminator parody video to introduce himself to students. He says it's all in good fun. But some parents are outraged, saying school violence is no laughing matter. Hard to believe anybody has to make that point after the massacre at sandy hook elementary school. Abc's john muller has the story. Reporter: He calls himself the nominator. Was he sent to save us? Or destroy us? Reporter: Eric naumman, imagining himself as the futuristic killing machine from the 1991 sci-fi movie "terminator 2." This is the video he made and played for his students during morning announcements last monday. Images of burning playgrounds and empty classrooms. Mr. Naumman, where are all of the students? They've been naummanates. Reporter: Some parents were shocked to see ominous images, especially so soon after the newtown shooting. What would happen if it were a child? Reporter: Overnight, the school committee met to discuss the controversy. No announcement was announced. It's inappropriate, especially with the question of security in schools around the country. Everett public schools would never be the same. Reporter: Despite the frightening images, opinions among students are mixed. This wasn't the right thing to show. I think it's just a joke. Reporter: This morning, this wannabe terminator, might be terminated or disciplined. School officials met last night to discuss the controversy. But they haven't taken any action yet. Principal naumman received some applause and support at that meeting. We reached out for comment but didn't get one. He made this after the massacre at the elementary school? Correct.

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{"id":18218521,"title":"Principal's Violent 'Terminator 2' Parody Under Fire","duration":"2:02","description":"A new principal's video introduction to students has created a storm.","url":"/GMA/video/principals-terminator-parody-head-school-fire-video-shown-18218521","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}