Priyanka Chopra and Blair Underwood Discuss Goofing Off Together at Work

The two share how they have fun on the set of "Quantico."
8:30 | 01/30/17

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Transcript for Priyanka Chopra and Blair Underwood Discuss Goofing Off Together at Work
We have big guests too. That's right. We do. We have the stars of "Quantico" here with us, priyanka Chopra and Blair Underwood. Come on out. Hi. Nice to be here. Good to see you. You, as well. Hi. Welcome. You look beautiful. I love your dress. You look fabulous too, Blair. Thank you, Lahr R I appreciate that. Even at 5:00 A.M. Good morning, America. Yeah. Wow. We'll talk about quantico in I bit but start off with one of our hot topics. Goofing off at work. Let's start off with you. Anybody ever been caught goofing off at work? Come on. Guys. Fonzie, raise your hand. You win. It turns out people think that's going to make you more productive. You happy about that? Really? Yeah. Do you guys do it? Do you sometimes make mistakes during takes or try to make each other laugh. When do we not make mistakes? We got a crazy bunch. Always goofing off on set. This is a real study article in "Sigh to go today" that says it may be good for you. We're justified. Absolutely. Now, that makes sense. If you just take some time out it'll make you more productive. I want to see goofy George. Nope. I'm not seeing that. You're not seeing that one? What would that look like? You got to come home to see that. It doesn't go anywhere. Let's talk "Quantico." Priyanka, you do a lot of your own stunts from what I hear but there was a bit of a mishap a couple of weeks ago. Tell us what happened. Yes, I did -- I had a concussion but I wish I had like a better story to say that I was doing a stunt and someone punched me in the face but none of that happened. It was a wet road and rubber boots. It was a really like stupid reason to fall and get a concussion. I mean, it was not at all dramatic. I wish I was doing some of that stuff. You know, that would be -- yeah, that would be a story. How is that, though, that's obviously you. How is that getting physical like that? Is it hard? Do you like it? That's what happened. This time when I fell I was in flats. If I was in heels I wouldn't have fallen. I think so. I've done a lot of action movies when I was in India in the films I did in hindi movies so I have a lot of experience with it and I actually really enjoy doing my own stunts. It looks like it. You're a natural at it. Nobody ever messed with priyanka. Right there. Blair, apparently you're pretty daring also. I understand that you just went skydiving with your son and daughter. My daughter turned 18 and all she wanted to do was go skydiving so I said you're my baby girl so I'll go with you. Wow. All right. No, but it worked out. I survived so it was all right. One and dong. One and done. I'm done. It's off the bucket list. I don't need to do it ever again. I had mine -- I said I wanted to do mine before I was 21 so I did it too. Yeah. But you do it in tandem. On your back. Setting herself up for a fighting scene while skydiving. I could see that. Let's talk "Quantico." We just had the midseason premiere. You are teaching the recruits, you know, basically how to become a CIA operative. Let's take a look. Right. Work as a team. Now, remember, a consulate is technically foreign soil. There is no get out of jail free card from uncle Sam if you get caught. Blow your cover a long time before you see the outside of a Venezuelan prison. We could destroy an entire relationship with the information we collected. A family. How far do you want us to go. As far as it takes. You do what you got to do. You know. You just joined the set and I understand, priyanka, he never forgets his lines. Is that true? Is it intimidating. I wouldn't say never. He doesn't not forget his lines. He knows all of his lines because he has massive monologues. Like every time the script coming out we see Blair's lines and everyone is just like I feel for you, man. He's teaching us all he has to do is keep talking. And when someone doesn't know their lines and they have to come in with four pages, the other actors sort of suffer. Right. So it's really great to have someone -- Makes for a long day. A total pro. Just bangs it out. I know you play the teacher, so to speak and the student/teacher relationship. What are you saying, Lara? I'm starting to get a sdrieb on the show that your character and priyanka's character might -- ooh. I'm getting a little -- Nervous. A little romance blooming maybe? Well, priyanka, what do you say? I don't know. Well -- A pregnant pause. Whenever you ask him a difficult question, he says, pri, what's your opinion? But I really -- Owen's character and Alex's character do go through changes. They do come to a point where there is -- Changes of clothing? That too. That too because they're always well dressed. I'm a hard-hitting reporter, Jesse. I don't know if you know that. Changes of clothing. But could be but as of now not yet but we're developing towards them at least having a relationship where they're equals because right now it's like a teacher and a student. There's definitely tension there in there is something underlying -- At a certain point she's been training at the FBI and now the CIA but at a certain point that training is over so the relationship and the dynamics change and maybe I'll let my hair down a little bit, George. You really started something today. You guys are on Monday night so obviously ABC saw an opportunity to marry you, if you will, to "The bachelor." Do we have a little -- See what happens. The promo is cute. You will tell me. Give me the answer! Millions of lives depend on it. I told you, I can't tell you how it ends. I will break you. Please don't hurt me. Will you accept this rose? How many takes did that take? The first one and it broke into a million pieces and you should have seen Nick's face. He was like, I felt so bad. I felt so bad. I just swatted him and it went to a million pieces. Are either of you "Bachelor" fans. I've watched it a few times. I have an 18-year-old daughter. I'm like, baby, that's what you don't do. You know what I'm saying. We understand each other. A lot of the women slapping the rose out of my hand -- Oh, yeah. Personal. Can I say something -- don't do it. I agree with what you told your daughter. Jesse. About your -- He's quickly changing the subject. Lara is over there prodding and I'm switching the topic as fast as I can. I have to ask you, we love your red carpet looks at these award shows and what you looked like at the golden globes and, of course, you just won a people's choice award. And I understand that you took your mom and some people out for a special meal afterwards. Where did you take them? Oh. Well, I wanted to -- in-n-out. My favorite. Yes, I love food and I think that, you know, it's really good to love food and I think that my senses are -- were made to be a food connoisseur so I like my burgers and, you know, when you're in those tight gowns and after you're done for the night you want to get in track pants and eat a good meal and that's what I did. Amen. Get in the track pants and eat. On that note we will let you guys go. Thanks a lot for coming in this morning. "Quantico," a new episode

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{"duration":"8:30","description":"The two share how they have fun on the set of \"Quantico.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45131409","title":"Priyanka Chopra and Blair Underwood Discuss Goofing Off Together at Work","url":"/GMA/video/priyanka-chopra-blair-underwood-discuss-goofing-off-work-45131409"}