Profile of Boston Bombing Suspects Dzhokhar, Tamerlan Tsarnaev

More details emerge about the men believed to be behind marathon bombing.
3:38 | 04/20/13

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Transcript for Profile of Boston Bombing Suspects Dzhokhar, Tamerlan Tsarnaev
Let's talk now -- more about the Brothers are and I have the 26 year old and nineteen year old accused of planning and executing this attack for years. They seem to be productive members of the Boston community so what changed. How did they get radicalized ABC's Pierre Thomas has being digging into just that -- he joins us now from Washington. Here good morning to you. Good morning Dan in many ways this is the story of the quest for the American dream turned that nightmare. -- to the Russian caucuses the Brothers came with their parents to the US's children seeking refugee status. They -- attending top Boston school. The high school student that I knew in -- high school student that on my classmates -- is the exact opposite of the person that's been committing these crimes. Their mother is speaking to Russian television refuses to believe her son's are vicious killers. Impossible. Seem possible court and controlled both of them didn't -- thinks so I eat Herring that he is effect -- Older brother -- and 26 was -- star athlete in pianists. Also a champion golden glove -- -- with big dreams of competing in the Olympics as an American. Younger brother Joseph -- nineteen had just become a US citizen are ironically on September 11 of last year. Once a lifeguard who was also an all state wrestler and student at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth on scholarship. Never -- would imagine. That somehow. -- children of my brother would be associated with them. But what happened the triggered the boys to allegedly bombed the Boston Marathon. Leaving three dead and nearly 200 injured. Over time our darker side to the brother started to -- -- -- was charged in Cambridge with the beating a former girlfriend he started uploading violent videos to his YouTube channel urging Jihad. -- -- begin posting anti American tweets. A decade in America already I want out rings -- sharply -- the FBI believes was a hidden life of hate. And some college friends believe the little brother was influenced by the older. Turns out the FBI interviewed the older brother two years ago at the request of another country. They found nothing negative and close the file. Here thank you for your. -- this is such a fascinating and important story Indiana you were the first and perhaps the only. American reporter to speak directly to the boy's father you -- strange series of phone conversations is he still insisting that his voice correctly framed. That's right I spoke with him five times throughout the day yesterday his demeanor change from sad to angry to confused that he remain adamant that his sons were innocent and that they were being framed. I asked -- one of these interviews what he would say to his son to -- -- speak to him right now. Yeah -- watches signals just -- -- wants what it. Yeah. If he's watching I want to see him alive and I want to know the truth what -- -- Y where this is to set up I don't believe that they're being scoring I don't believe -- it is not possible. And that was your fourth conversation -- -- -- that we and he was that is angriest -- in the news bulletin after his younger son had been arrested alive and. Tone change it change she -- know what was going on -- where the situation stood so I called him told him that his -- had been found he was alive being rushed to the hospital. He was relieved she started to cry he since lovable will which in Russian means. Thank god he's taking notes and fortune I lost one son I'm glad that the other is a library NASA he said he is on his way to the US to -- in the hospital.

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{"id":19005741,"title":"Profile of Boston Bombing Suspects Dzhokhar, Tamerlan Tsarnaev","duration":"3:38","description":"More details emerge about the men believed to be behind marathon bombing.","url":"/GMA/video/profile-boston-bombing-suspects-dzhokhar-tamerlan-tsarnaev-19005741","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}