'Project Runway' judges chat about the new season live on 'GMA'

Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Zac Posen dish on what fans can expect from the Season 16 of the hit show.
3:03 | 07/06/17

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Transcript for 'Project Runway' judges chat about the new season live on 'GMA'
Ready to talk about the upcoming 16. Ginger in North Carolina first. Hey, ginger. Hey, guys, one more thing I wanted to share with you. Our captain Jake found this. We know it's called the graveyard of the atlantic but found a piece of a shipwreck. This is where they would have put the spikes to put the boards together. That and so many shells. We saw some of the horseshoe crabs earlier today. This place is amazing but, again, if you're going to be copping here it has to be with a safe and experienced boater. That is the big Good morning, I'm meteorologist Cindy Fitzgibbon, we have bright sunshine, temperatures in the 60s, coming up into the lower 80s this afternoon, just cooler on cape cod, and clouds are increasing, humidity on the way up, we'll see the heavier rain in the first half of tomorrow, drying out for the second half This report brought to you by pronamel and, George, I'll have to bring this one home for you. I'm sure you are. Thank you, ginger. Back upstairs celebrating the newest season of "Project runway," we have the stars here, Heidi Klum, zac Posen, Nina Garcia. 16 seasons. Oh, my god. 16 seasons. Sweet 16. That is a sweet 16. What surprises do you have in store? What surprises? Well, to be honest our designers are always the big surprise because you never know who you're going to get, right? Because they are real people, not actors. Most of them have other jobs and they have this amazing talent and they want to break into the fashion industry, so here they are and we give them these crazy challenges. Week after week and they just have to make it work in a day. Including one that's going on right now? Exactly. Here at "Gma." This is the first season we're seeing models of all sizes represented. Isn't that amazing? It was about time. George, you know, the perception of beauty really changes throughout the times. We went from twiggy to the supermodel to. Waif. Now happily, the industry is embracing body diversity. And so are we. I'm very proud to be part of a show that has full-figured women. Real women, designers designing for real body types. It is going to be great to see. You guys have really made a career now of finding out -- finding the hot, new talent out there. Christian Soriano, Michael Costello. How do you know it when you see it. For me it's an instinct. They have to have the talent and personality and they have to have -- Newness. Newness and you feel it. You see it. And now today to be a designer you kind of have to be like a triple threat within the fashion world. The full package. Do you guys usually know -- agree right away. We kind of do. Rarely -- We're getting there. I mean when it gets down to the best six, then we kind of fight a little bit. Yeah. But in the beginning we kind of weed through them. We're passionate. I mean, we feel strongly, you know, and we each have our favorite, sometimes we agree. And then sometimes we have to battle it out. If somebody wants to come on the show what is your number one piece of advice. To be honest with what you are creating, not trying to be someone else. Sometimes they're trying to please us and that's the wrong thing to do. You have to be honest with your creativity. Go for it. In today's world authenticity is essential. And a point of view. You know, there's so much voices, you really have to stand out with a point of view. Very distinct point of view. Because we've seen it all already so show us something different. This season is so full of drama and it built and built and built. And, you know, we're just sitting there like on our seats holding on because there are -- Running off the stage. I've never had this happen before. I'm like, hey, why don't we all just take a break right now. What's happening here? For artistic integrity. Okay. We can't take a break right now but we are going to have you stick around for our "Project runway" challenge and we have designers creating unique looks from things they found all around the studio for Amy, Lara and Mara. Amy has a look at the process. If can't wait to see. ??? Reporter: From newspapers to crushed candy to greeting cards, the aspiring designers on "Project runway" can turn trash into fashion treasures. We set up our own unconventional challenge and paired three former contestants, Fabio Costa, Kelly Dempsey and Ashley Nell Tipton with our "Gma" talent who shared inspiring ideas for outfits. My idea is elegant fun. Sounds good because I like classic but a little bit modern. Yes. Maybe like a dior silhouette with ltle touches. Please do. I would say my vision is kind of urban meets ladylike. I can see a very clean cut on you, very cinched into the waist. Yes. Very form-fitting. I'm all about looking great but also feeling great. Do you have a problem with anything sparklingy. I love sparkles. Reporter: They only had ten minutes to find their materials. Glitter. I have to find glitter anywhere. Fabio, can you give me a hand please. Oh, sure. Here you go. Look at this cute little clock. Anybody need this? Ki wear this during the segment? Wow. I'm taking it. No! I'm trying to pick up different textiles. Hello. No time to chat. Oh, my gosh. This is perfect. Now the race is on to make a masterpiece.

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{"id":48461645,"title":"'Project Runway' judges chat about the new season live on 'GMA' ","duration":"3:03","description":"Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Zac Posen dish on what fans can expect from the Season 16 of the hit show. ","url":"/GMA/video/project-runway-judges-chat-season-live-gma-48461645","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}