The 'Property Brothers' Help Lara Spruce Up Her Guest Room

Drew and Jonathan Scott offer tips for improving your guest room just in time for the holidays.
3:00 | 11/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The 'Property Brothers' Help Lara Spruce Up Her Guest Room
It is time for "improve this." And today, we have our favorites, the property brothers from hgtv are here. Thank you for lending me a beautiful holiday sweater. Jonathan and drew. Hardest working men in home improvement, with a new season of their new show, buying and selling, premiering on december 4th. We're going to show you how to improve stuff. Your guest room just in time for holiday visitors. The first thing is to get yourself spruced up. We pulled these from our personal collection. Some may say they're ugly christmas sweaters. I think they're fashionable. I do, too. Projects we got. We got this stuff at lowe's. I love this wall. Simple and so chic. If you're going to do a feature. This is a step up. You get 3d wall panels. 70 bucks. You can paint them any color you want. You can use them as aa headboard or a whole wall. How much are these? Six of them for 70 bucks. And fiberglass? Once you paint it out, it looks like the wall. The wall paper is a pain in the butt. This, you stick it on. You caulk the edges and you're done. I think it's an awesome project. It looks extensive. This is the focal point of the day bed. We built it with a solution underneath for storage. You have a little extra space underneath. We did this with a twin bed. Trimmed it out a little bit. Put it on castors so it's movable. There you go. It rolls. Exactly. And you have storage underneath. I love that. You can have draws if you want. Store all of your christmas sweaters under there. I'm going to sleep the rest of the day right here, it's that comfortable. And making a daybed, level of difficulty? Pretty straightforward. Only 125 bucks for the derls. Glue, screw, put it all together. And it's birch? Three-quarter birch poplar on the sides. And we finished it off. This night stand over here. This was a simple piece of plywood. We made four cuts. It gives a modern look. Let me see the legs. So, these legs are available at your home improvement store. They come ready-made. If you're really cheap like drew, you can get dowels for 4 bucks apiece. We like to save a few bucks. You'll spend a fraction of the price with an old piece. I get an old table and I use the legs. You screw it together, paint it, you're done. And I love how it has a mid century vibe to it. You'll like that I put a magazine that I'm in. That's good. I know you want to brag. Tell everybody where they can find you. Anyone can find us online. And we're going to be hosting the great american country top 50 countdown. I'm going to play a little guitar. Do some country singing. Are you going to hit him with that? For step-by-step tips for creating night stands, go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Coming up, the butterball turkey guys.

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{"id":20899018,"title":"The 'Property Brothers' Help Lara Spruce Up Her Guest Room","duration":"3:00","description":"Drew and Jonathan Scott offer tips for improving your guest room just in time for the holidays.","url":"/GMA/video/property-brothers-drew-jonathan-scott-lara-spencer-spruce-20899018","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}