Protecting Your Cellphone to Prevent High-Cost Repairs

Cellphone cases are challenged to see how well they can protect phones from water damage.
2:51 | 11/11/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Protecting Your Cellphone to Prevent High-Cost Repairs
We're back with a live edition of "Gma on the lookout" this morning. All about ways to protect your cell phone because let's face it we're all doing with fixing them and costs so much. Americans have spent nearly $24 billion repairing and replacing those damaged smartphones since 2007 and two of the common mishaps that damage them, spilling something on them or dropping them in water. That's what we've done. You see them right there. Take a look. This morning, we are putting two waterproof cases for the new iPhone 6s to the test. One, the lifeproof free that sells for nearly $80, the other is lifebox rugged that sells for nearly 36 bucks on Amazon. Both claim they can protect them submerged in water for up to an hour at 6 and a half feet. Three, two, one. About an hour agent we dropped those cases into the water and now it's time to see how the phones work. Live. All right. And these phones have been submerged for up to an hour now. So it's time to pull them out and I'm going to fish them out right now. We have reps from the company here and you guys are nervous. I see it. You're nervous, aren't you? A little bit. We're ready. You guys ready? Audience. Here we go. So, gio, you're going to call me on those phones. I'm going to call you on these phones. Gio's got my digits. Getting this off here. Let's do this. We have the lifeproof. So far no ring. Give me a second. I'm down here. All right. So submerged for an hour. Lifeproof. It's a little wet. Let's try the lifebox. Here we go. Here we go. This is Lara's number. I'm calling you, Lara. You're going to pick up. Everybody, it's working. What up, gio? What's up? You hear me. It absolutely worked, guys. Lifebox. That was yours. So now I hung up. This one is a little wet. Got to dry it off here. But it's on. It's on. That's a good start. It's working. It's just all wet. Look at you, the confidence. Look, it's on. Gio, once again you're keeping me waiting. I thought we had a date. Let's go. Here you go. Will it ring? Once again, it's ringing. That's good to know that you can submerge these for up to an hour. Gio, great to talk to you. You want whine? No, not yet. It's 5:00 somewhere but not here. You're happy with the results. It's kind of incredible. They've been in here 6 1/2 feet of water. We actually waterproof test every single case. It's nice for us to do for our viewers. It's fantastic. Great job, gio. Thank you very much. Back to you guys. All right, guys.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"Cellphone cases are challenged to see how well they can protect phones from water damage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35126447","title":"Protecting Your Cellphone to Prevent High-Cost Repairs","url":"/GMA/video/protecting-cellphone-prevent-high-cost-repairs-35126447"}